[SOLVED] Vaygr Missile Salvo Stagger

Hey there,

I’m testing out a new ship, a missile frigate, and I need some help scripting it. It has a 3-barrel missile launcher and I want it to fire like the Vaygr Destroyer/Battlecruiser, where the missiles fire in one burst and launch out of their tubes one by one. I referenced the lines in the Vaygr Destroyer’s .events script into my script, but it did not work. My frigate is only firing 1 missile. Help please!

Here’s a picture of my .events file :slight_smile:

The weapon names have to be “Weapon_Missile”, “Weapon_MissileSlave”, “Weapon_MissileSlaveN”, where N is 1 to whatever (An N value of 3 would mean 5 tubes).

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Ahhh thanks, I understand now. Thanks a lot Radar

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