[Solved]Which skill refills the action skill duration on kills?

So, I notice that my action skill timer sometimes refills when I get a kill. Which skill is doing it? I’m guessing either Escalation or Rapid Reinforcements, but can’t put my finger on it. Or might it be Scramble, and I just keep neglecting Wolf dying?

Someone please shed some light on this mysterious phenomenon

I’d ask this question in the DDD skill guide, but that hasn’t been ported yet, I think.

Sounds like it’s due to Laser Guided. When an enemy is painted via Saint’s laser, that enemy takes more damage and adds time to duration when killed. Scramble only works when Wolf is destroyed and Rapid Reinforcements and Escalation reduce cooldown, not increase duration.
By the way, here’s Wilhelm’s [DDD] guide:

Ouch. Dyslexia says hi. Thanks a lot.