Solving the Bullet Sponge Problem in Borderlands 3

Hey guys, I’m so excited that Borderlands 3 is on the horizon, even if it is only in the distant and vague future. It is by far my favorite franchise, but I have some ideas about how to minimize the bullet sponge problem.

Borderlands is easily one of the most content heavy, fun, and innovative games available. It has a little something for everyone: RPG elements, great humor, gritty and unique graphics, loads of weapons, and a wealth of DLC and replayability. The ability to play through the game multiple times, however, leads to some of the weaknesses in the franchise.

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Why not post the whole thing here? This seems like click bait for your blog

It felt kind of long to post here? I didn’t want to just paste a massive amount of text. ya know?

I read the first two paragraphs (won’t go off site) From what I’ve seen though, I’m not sure I agree or disagree.

I never really felt anything was unnecessarily bullet spongy.

Have you played UVHM in TPS? Problem solved! Honestly, I did feel like the health regen in BL2’s UVHM made things a bit tedious at times, but looking at all three games, this is not an ongoing problem for the series.

I did and I admit that the (I forget what they’re called so I’ll call them) Flying Armored Bioshock Big Daddies are a bit… aggravating.

But not unfair

Sorry, I was replying to the OP.

I realized that after hitting reply!

IMO slag made UVHM more manageable in 2 than Cryo did in TPS.

Maya was my primary toon in 2 though, your mileage may vary