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I was gonna do a BOOOOOM HEADSHOT! run, using only characters that are either pistol users or snipers. Then I got this idea, using the most OP characters in each game.

Though I don’t know what these OP characters are, so maybe you guys can help me out :smile:

This is a series run so I’m looking for the most OP characters in Borderlands , Pre-Sequel then finally Borderlands 2. I understand this is all probably gonna be based on peoples opinions, please respect that.

This is what I think the OP characters are in each game, if you have something different please explain why :slight_smile: cause I think this be fun.

Borderlands- Lilith
Pre-Sequel- Jack
Borderlands 2- Salvador

In actuality Lilith doesn’t have the strongest build in BL1. That goes to Blast Master Brick. Matter of fact, IIRC Roland’s Heavy Gunner build has higher DPS than the Merc build does. However, her ability to tank damage arguably better than Brick while still being able to annihilate everything in her path is what makes her so damn strong. Her Phasewalk is often used as a defensive skill, but when set as a Corrosive nova, you can debuff an entire group of enemies than proceed to mow them down while the ones you aren’t shooting get burned to death. But if you’re not going to use Phasewalk offensively or use Phoenix, then she’s second to last on the DPS scale, last if you factor in that Mordecai isn’t meant to be a DPS character.

Bonus fun: According to my save file, I’ve played as Lilith for about 210 hours… And I’ve played BL1 for a total of ~400 hours…

For TPS I also like Nisha and Arelia depending in if you want pistols or snipers

For me, “OP” doesn’t necessarily equate to DPS. After 20 years of FPSs, I’m still a rubbish shot :smile: So I look for survivability as well as damage.

BL1 - Lil. I absolutely agree with ACNAero. Not the biggest damage dealer but so hard to kill. The PlagueBearer.

TPS - Nisha. Once you have enough skill points to maximize the health regen from “Law & Order”, to match the gun damage skills elsewhere, I find it very hard to get myself killed. And I don’t have to aim :smile:

BL2 - Maya. Sal does more DPS and that’s who I’d use for a raid boss. But for playing through the campaign, Maya keeps things under control, giving you the option of a tactical retreat (i.e. running away :wink: ) when things get hectic. Plus you get all the health regen options from “Harmony”.