Some advice for mayhem 5 with zane

All right i don’t know if i’m posting in the right place and sorry for my bad english. Anyway, after looping a lot, and i mean a “LOT” of ultra violet and a bit of luck from a certain Rex :wink: i dropped the O.P.Q., The Lob(flame and radiation), Maggie and Re-Charge in mayhem 4, so i decided to pass to level 5 mayhem. The problem is, they literally destroy me, i was doing a decent damage passing from 3 to 4, but 4 to 5 i almost consumed all the bullet on 1 badass enemy, don’t wanna talk about of Anointed enemy spent like 5 minute shooting. So anyone has some tips? Oh almost forgot I use Zane with Hologram/Shield combo.

i dont wanna say it , see in dead?

They’re not wrong… if you need to throw damage with Zane, it’s hard to beat the Seein’ Dead COM.

What’s your build? (Use this site to fill in your points, then copy the address into your reply so we can see it). Those weapons are awesome, but it’s possible they’re underleveled… like if you got your hands on a MM1 Lob, I’m not sure how it’ll hold up in MM5? Also, what Mayhem Modifiers are you using?


In general if Zane is dying that tells me the barrier isn’t up all the time so the Seein’ Dead class mod comments are accurate.

Really the barrier for defense and the amp functions for offense is huge for Zane. Keeping the barrier up is my number one priority with Zane.

I don’t use the Clone it various things I have read say that there are some guns the clone is better with than others so checking to make sure you have the clone using a great weapon for the clone is important.

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Talents. A rank of brainfreeze + Cool calm collected in undercover or use Good misfortune* in hitman.

Class mod: Seeing dead
Available dlc1.

Makes dps skyrocket into the stratosphere…

Wear a transformer shield.


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Will agree with this the most. If you are doing fine in M4, going to M5 should NOT be that much of a change IMHO. The main change will be in the modifiers.

Tweaking your build can make a goodly amount of difference to the output of your character and there are many UTubers out there that can offer some very good builds that dont just rely on tricks or gimmicks to do damage.

Yes, almost everyone will recommend the Seein dead mod, it seems to be about the only one anyone uses with zane atm. Not saying there aren’t other viable mods but it seems to be so far above the rest for just about every build.

I started out HATING the barrier. Hated having to pick it up after activation and didn’t really get it. But after using it, yes, barrier is almost an unkillable character for Zane. SNTNL damage is not worth much at higher mayhem levels so unless you are running the cryo anoints for it you dont have to bother if you prefer the clone. But yes, get the dome barrier and carry it around with you.

So, in short:

  1. check your modifiers and reroll til you get what you like. (speed demon with seein dead can be redonkulous)

  2. optimize your build to fit your playstyle. Remember, the way YOU like to play may not equal the meta but as long as you have fun … keep having fun.

  3. Try to love the barrier and Seeing Dead. Moving while shooting is about the only way to keep a good zane run on M10 content at present time. If you don’t you might have to be satisfied with running the lower Mayhem content until they patch / hotfix us up.

  4. To be repetitive, make sure to have fun with it.

Side note, you might also want to consider running some M6 farming to get some of the new dedicated weapons as they are, in general, out performing the old world weapons by quite a bit atm.

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All right, yesterday when i posted the comment i forgot to metion that i don’t have the dlc, i’m sorry for real, because the season pass still cost 49,99€ (56,45$) and i’m waiting for a discount, this is how i put the points some skill have the enanched of the mod that i have“cb__3859198443___p__2886514866-5_2754125392-3_1616506934-3_2585585538-3_1105028631-1_25717230-3_4076945791-1_1028978450-1_475949686-1_3198540024-1_3777625991-2_2133325953-1_1915910961-2_2252388866-1_2942539557-2_3886810084-2_1577929110-4_570334902-3_2128962293-2_793918426-3_342715552-1_2564880660-1_3040940122-2_4162540294-1_1023834817-2_3622895923-1_3743423516-2_3766183486-1___e__3441733518-1251885132_1590166781-4219377344_1434065960-3548678278_1831362103-2776360292_2424622424-97512464_2477539908-2579579861”, i didn’t follow any guide for the points it’s my personal, the mod mayhem are (sorry i don’t know how tehy called in eng but i try) Big cannon, frost chase and pool party

Actually it is more our fault for assuming you had all the DLC. Seeing Dead is a GREAT class mod but you can easily still have just as much fun with some of the others. With liking the DIgi Clone I would probably recommend the Shockerator class mod as those cryo novas can be very useful. You can farm this in the trial of survival IIRC.

Those mods are, well, horrible. heh. the cryo novas chasing you down and slowing you and all those status effects on the floor … woof.

I would recommend you reroll and change them to, speed demon, Healy Avenger and Chain Gang. Or, in italian, demone della velocità, calorosamente vendicatore and banda di catene. Translation via google translate so hope it makes it easier for you.

For a build, I love the Chain Zane of Moxsy fame. Even without the Seeing Dead mod it doesnt really require much in the way of gear. Although this build really shines when using a Redistributor, which can be farmed from the Takedown. Still works very well as a stand alone build with standard weapons though.

You can modify it as you wish but this build does a goodly ammount of damage and I tend to use it for my M10 build. Although I tend to run barrier and SNTNL .

I hope some of this helps you out.

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Farm Freddy for a seeing dead classmod, stack gun damage on both that and your artifact, stack cryo damage and go for 100% cryo anoint.

M10 should be pretty easy, allthough pretty useless and limited because of their broken mayhem ■■■■■■■■ …

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I didn’t realize it was only available from that DLC. :laughing: Also: here is the original build translated to English because I don’t have all the skills memorized.

@bottiglieri2, try this (translated to Italian now that I know… the code. It keeps the Barrier and Clone trees like you had, but sets the points differently.

One of my main tactics when facing a dangerous enemy or mob is throwing the Barrier down at a safe distance (but still in shooting range), and then drop the Clone behind it. Immediately run out past the enemy a little, and swap places with your Clone before you die. Now the enemy will be focused on the nearby Clone, while you can safely shoot the enemy from behind the Barrier.

Any Zane mains have a critique? I use some of Zane’s… weaker skills because I think they’re fun; what’s a good survival build.

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Thank you guys for all the tips you gave to me, i will try everything you suggested to me, that’s the beauty of this game :smile: , one last thing (which is not so much advice, but a hope) i hope that one day gearbox will adjust the matchmaking of this game as similar to the BL2 system.

if you do not have seeing dead or cannot then i suggest using points till cool calm collected and using the digiclone db. Brainfreeze at least a few points. This will keep you and clone up. Moving back n forth the movement skills from. Hitman.
At least. Full right side tier 1.

Try the trick of the light while swapping.

Ur anoints will be ase action skill end/consecutive hits. Blowing ur clone up will allow you action skill ends. Ur clone shoukd be available quick if u bkow it up as soon as you summon it or you blow it up as cool calm collected refreshed the duration.

Anyways have fun!

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So, kind of curious how things worked out for you.

Are you able to run the M5 content well now?

Out of curiousity, what platform are you on? Perhaps I could help you out with farming some of the M6 weapons if you would like.

I run on PC / Steam .

Well now i’m running almost well, if i die it’s kinda my fault (like the hyperion advice XD) and i run on PS4