Some advice on a FL4K build

Currently, i have my trees mostly focused on the robot. With a mix of gamma and then some healing benefits. However, many times i find myself not being revived because the robot is either dying or just stands there. Like i have to crawl to him to live. I don’t have a big catalog of guns, but i keep it enough to survive. I can solo the Maliwan Takedown on mayhem 11, bit feel like at times it’s a slower process than usual.

My tree is as follows:

Currently equipped i have:
Zeroed Crader’s EM-P5
Superconducting Plasma Coil
Speedloadin’ Hellwalker
Negating Infinity (frost)

Was using the Super Soldier shield but recently got a Kneel and Heal Old God shield was gonna test out.

I have Surge for the grenade, Roll Reversal for the class mod and using Percival’s Holy Grail for the artifact.

Any ideas or tree changes i should try? I’d like to be able to have the pet revive me but hard to choose one based on some damage or bug it has. Thanks

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OP, I would like to suggest a few skill tree changes to you. I don’t know how familiar you are with the purple tree bugs, but a lot of what you feel regarding lack of damage is due to not playing well into the trees strengths.

However, before I do that, what are you trying to accomplish with the build? Are you married to using War Loader, or the Roll Reversal class mod? What is your play style?


I’ve noticed plenty of bugs with the purple tree. I’m on with using any pet, just that with the robot, it was supposed to be like high damage on its own. But i feel like I’d have to smack it at times to wake up and fight. I guess my playstyle is a mix between survival and doing damage. Cause let’s face it, dying on mayhem 11 hurts the cash flow

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OK, here is what I would suggest.

With the gear you have right now, I would suggest going with a blue tree build. I’m assuming you don’t have a red fang, so you can run Dominance as your taunt. As long as you ADS, enemies won’t shoot you and you’ll be able to survive.

You can either use Rakk or gamma burst with this setup. If you use Rakk, use whichever weapons have Action skill end anoints. If you use Gamma, use Gamma anointed weapons, URad, or Consec Hits.

I’d stick with the Old God over Super Soldier. Super soldier is a good shield (some might say too good) but with Dominance you should be able to avoid a lot of damage anyway so the elemental damage of old god will give you more damage when you use that element.

For the class mod, I wouldn’t use Roll Reversal. It is a great COM for Gamma or Fade Away builds, but you really shoud have a grenade with the Action skill active 150% grenade damage anoint to get the best use out of it. Also, Monkey Do has a bug where it converts your gun’s damage to non-ele, and it works like legendary amp shields where it will only apply the etra damage to 1 pellet. That means only 1 of your hellwalker pellets will get the 70% (but actually 86%) damage, AND it will be converted from fire to non-ele.

The Hellwalker and plasma coil are your best weapons at the moment, so build around those. Your main concern right now should be getting more gear so you have more build options. If you have eridium to spare, I’d suggest spending a few thousand with the Eridian Fabricator and see what you get. Otherwise, farm the Slaughters and proving grounds for loot. You can try the takedowns, as Hellwalker and Coil are both powerful enough for Maliwan even without optimized setups, but it may be a bit easier to do the other content instead.

For grenades, your best bet with FL4K will almost always be a Hunter Seeker grenade, followed by Its Piss. HS stacks Furious attack and procs Headcount and LNT, making it an excellent utility grenade. Piss is pretty much parts locked, easy to farm, and gives a 20% debuff to anything hit by it.

For artifacts, use whatever you find that has the best damage passives. To get use out of the Holy Grail you would need for your pet to die frequently, and you don’t want that to happen.

Hope this helps.


This is a slightly different skillset a little more DPS centric, it sacrifices Dominance for TTaR. The Fire Rate bonus can be really nice when able to capitalize on it. Gameplay would be very similar though between the 2.

No skills in that link buddy :wink:

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I’m not sure why it’s being dumb, will use a different site.

You using that gimmick properly? I mean, I’m pleased at how hard the gun hits in general, but getting those reloads to actually hit the enemy and apply the buff is tricky.

The way I’ve gotten the most out of the WAR Loader (conveniently since you have Gamma Burst) is to use the action skill to set him at the proper range. If he’s too close, the shots will whiff. If he’s too far, he won’t see the enemies. You only need one point in Eager to Impress to get the Attack Command reset on pet kill, and that should get you going. Gamma Burst him to some high spot at range, tag a target, listen for the rocket whistles, wait for the beep of Attack Command reset, and repeat.

An 3RROR Cmdl3t will do the tagging for you if you like those card buffs. Keep enemies marked and damage on the enemies, and your WAR Loader will be firing constant rocket salvos.

Further, while the purple tree’s got some issues, Fuzzy Math is fantastic if you can back it up with crits. @boombumr, this is how one of my FL4K’s is built in that tree, are any of these skills misbehaving?


I’ve heard that Keep them Safe occasionally just causes the pet to disappear, but I haven’t ever seen it for myself.

Otherwise those work fine.


I’ve not yet used Keep Them Safe… it’s so… weird in an unusable way? Mostly it’s that the path I take to Capacitance above is my favorite route down the purple tree, and Fuzzy Math is fantastic.

I’m kind if set using my Action Skill/Pet/Capstone sets as they are. Fade Away with Gorillas in the Mist seems like it would pair well with Capacitance: you go invisible, shield capacity doubles, a bunch of critical hits fill that void, and you come out with a fat shield?

Also, with Rakk Attack, Capacitance could be up fairly constantly? You’re on your own to fill that void with crits, but that’s the risk/reward here.


So I’ve tried mixing it up and feel more frustrated than what I had previously.

I tried it with fade skill and it didn’t seem like i was doing much damage. Just shooting more. I tried it with the raaks and i didn’t feel any benefit from either.

I tried testing these builds against the Seer and the only thing to happen was Seer getting stuck in the ground (invisible) and me not having the patience to just keep pulling the long trigger.

I might return to having gamma and the robot. Even if the robot sometimes doesn’t help, it’s still something. Mix it up between those and more green for recovery

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To be fair, a lot of the issue at the moment is your gear. Loader feels better because you don’t need to invest much in it to get it do deal at least OK-ish damage, but that means that the damage ceiling it can hit is much lower than most of other things.

If you are going to stick with Loader (nothing wrong with doing so) I would STRONGLY suggest you farm up a messy breakup shield and get yourself a Red Fang ASAP. And swap to this build


thanks for the help. I take it there is a specific place to farm for the Red Fang? think i’ll have to use a class mod that boosts luck and hope for the best. my drops havent been that great when it comes to getting better guns as you can see


Tyrant of Instinct drops Red Fang IIRC

Luck boosters don’t do anything for legendary gear. Several people have tested multiple times and it makes minimal if any any perceivable difference in quantity of drops over literally thousands of runs.


try a messy breakup on your pet, it shreds

i use it to afk slaughter shaft

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I’ll try to farm that. Might of had it once, but can’t remember. Hope it pairs well with my build

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it could be that your shield regain is to strong for it to spam drones

i have only 1 point in fuzzy math

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I got one after a few tries and went to test it out in the Cistern and Maliwan Takedown. I barely had to shoot. It was surprisingly helpful. Even made the fight against Joey much quicker than before. Thanks for telling me of the shield


hey dude, glad it worked for you

just a quick warning, i recently started getting into scenarios where my pets drones would get destroyed and it will stop spawning them

quick re-equipping fixes that