Some advice wanted

I’d like to ask if this build will work fine for shotguns, in particular the Bullpup;,auto
The COM I want to use is a blue The Kid that wont involve Ruthless as I plan on leaning the least as possible on Showdown.

Hot Lead probably goes to Crack Shot, now I think about it.

Due process is kinda bad, I would put those points in something else, I know you don,t have a lot of options, but you will not even notice it. If you plan on doing a bit of melee, I suggest 3rd degree.

Shotguns are the weapon type that benefit the most from trick shot, since even with a perfect aim, they still have a spread.

Don’t skip unforgiven… ever… seriously, even if you don’t plan to use showdown all that much, it does everything including giving you second winds.

I actually made a Nisha shotgun build centered around the Kid COM and I’m rather proud of my writeup, you should look it up :slight_smile:
Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s still full of good info

Using the Bullpup as a primary weapon on Nisha, with over 15 points in fire rate skills… I can already tell you that you’re going to run out of ammo :frowning:

you need to use a more efficient weapon as a primary gun and keep the Bullpup as a boss/badass killer (yes, it will crank out enough DPS for that, trust me)

Fistful of bullets is always worth a point, unless you’re doing shenanigans around mag6. Otherwise, it’s a great mag size increase for the price.

Nisha’s most powerful skill is Tombstone, no question there
but arguably her second most powerful is Unchained, you should give it a second look
I say go for really slow really powerful shotguns, and make em faster.

Try this:

Or this if you plan to use non-elemental guns:

(Hell’s is much better than people think)

Yeah. I kinda reworked it already to include 3th Degree.

I personally really see no use for it, to be honest with you. I already have a older Lawbringer build using the Plunkett, and all Showdown does is giving utility for free reloads. I want to skip out on Showdown entirely.

I’ll take a look at it! I think I did before when it was new, but any help is welcome!

Yeah. Why I never excluded from the beginning that a Striker (or maybe Flayer) will see occupying a slot (and I wont complain about that either!).

Mhm. I admittedly question its use, but that is based on my first build (Plunkett, abusing Crack Shot and Mag 6).

My result would be this. Again I don’t want to use Showdown. So Ruthless has no use to me and Bottled Courage is there to advance in the tree, even if I might aswel spend that 1 point on Short Fused then.

Shield wise, would the Haymaker work, since the build is partially melee anyway?

I’d recommend this then, just a few tweaks:

Wanted is bad, put as little points in there as possible
Pickpocket is terribad, even for hybrid builds, it just doesn’t work (though at that point, you might as well test it out for yourself)

moved the point from bottled to short fused, at least it does something

If you put points in mag6, you might as well use non-elemental guns, which means your points should go to Hot lead rather than crack shot IMO. Crack shot is good, but Hot lead is REALLY good

I used the points I saved to max out a few skills

And I put the remaining point in Unchained, because unchained kicks ass by the dozen

Sure, why not :slight_smile:

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If you’re somewhat serious about melee, enough to pick your shield around it, consider moving points to the middle tree to get the capstone, and carry a bladed pistol for that sweet 100% melee damage bonus. Bonus points if that pistol is cryo for even more melee bonus (the Taser is a great choice there since it has increased elemental chance)

Thanks for the help, the Bullpup that’s waiting is non elemental, however I will try to get a shotty that’s shock elemental, just in case. And most likely a Viral Marketer or something aswel.

Oh I know, I’m just not inclined into putting too much emphasis on melee. I will keep it in mind nonentheless.

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