Some beginner Moze questions

I am switching to moze from Amara and I have some questions. With Amara I used a lot of 50% Annointed guns. Are these worthless on moze? Amara can trigger her alot. With moze the splash and ase effects how do they work. Do you get the bonus after you exit iron bear and for how long ? If you exit ib and let it stand there do you get the bonus until it leaves? What is the better anmoinents for moze, like what’s her equilivent to Amara 250/300 phase guns.

They’re not useless anoints but they’re not as dominant in the Moze meta. Moze generally runs an on grenade throw anoint on her grenade. Her shield anoint is more build dependent, you either run a +75% shield anoint or a cooldown rate anoint.

The anoints always trigger when you get out of Iron Bear. The bonuses last the same length on Moze, but she has a few specific anoints that last 18 seconds.

The closest Moze has to 250/300 would be her 160% splash anoint and the 125% bonus incendiary.


If you’re relatively new to Moze, a few things to bear in mind:

  1. She’s not as conventional as Amara or the other vault hunters. Because of her skill trees, Moze has alternative ways of greatly boosting her overall DPS which are not so obvious at first glance.

  2. Maximising anointment bonus uptime with Moze coincidentally is also the most optimal way of using Iron Bear. The skill Auto Bear is incredibly helpful in Mayhem 4 as it allows both Moze and Bear to fire their weapons at the same time as each other, instead of only one of them being active. If you just exit Bear immediately after entering him, it allows Moze more room to experiment with other (more temporary) anointment bonuses and have less cooldown duration before Bear is ready again.

  3. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so it would seriously help to do your homework regarding Moze - for example, a number of her skills have hidden interactions and benefits with other skills. This thread has pretty much everything you could want to find out, but I will provide separate links for the most relevant ones.