Some bugs about Crates

Recently I’m looking at scripts about Crates, and I’ve found several places that seems not right:

line 218 in data:leveldata\multiplayer\lib\crates.lua : ‘dofilepath(PlayerRace_GetString(playerIndex, “path_crate_ships”, “”))’ should be ‘dofilepath(PlayerRace_GetString(iPlayer, “path_crate_ships”, “”))’.

The last line in crate_ships.lua of each race shouldn’t end with a comma.

line 294 in data:leveldata\multiplayer\lib\crates.lua use a number named ‘research’, which I think is defined in data:scripts\rules\deathmatch.lua. However, line 260 in crates.lua is ‘dofilepath(PlayerRace_GetString(iPlayer, “path_research”, “”))’, and in the file defined by ‘path_research’ there’s another ‘research’ which is a table.


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What does this do to the crates though; does it stop anything in the game from working?

I think the first and the second bugs may make it unable to grant a ship to the player. And the third one makes the script can only grant a tech once, and when it wants to grant another tech after that , the script will stop working.