Some bugs from new patch (Let me know any others)

If anyone has any other bugs let me know and I’ll add them to the list

  • Holding my Companion gives me terror stacks when wearing a Terror on action skill end (not sure why due to it being an extra charge for rakk attack anointed)
  • People unable to fast travel, mainly to sanctuary 3 (using arrow keys/wasd/d-pad may work for traversing the menus to be able to fast travel) (Moving the cursor over the fast travel may also allow for fast travelling as well) (May be a problem with the hotfix due to it working offline and then not working again while online)
  • Guardian rank perks not working
  • Some guns recoil increased drastically (seems to be mainly shotguns, confirmed on butcher, phebert, hellwalker) (also confirmed on gatlings)
  • Maliwan Takedown consistently crashing after the first boss on PS4 Pro on performance mode (Only applies to host)
  • Some enemies (maybe specifically maliwan ones) get stuck at 1 hp and will be unable to die
  • Zanes Adrenaline skill does not decrease action skill cooldown (Cooldown stays at base cooldown)
  • The anointment for firing terror skulls does not seem to be working
  • Fl4k’s new pet buffs are not adding properly (needs more testing to see which ones are not working as intended)
  • Pet perks pertaining to shared damage (Hive Mind/Shared Spirit) don’t work properly or not at all (Needs proper confirmation/Testing)
  • The Hex seems to expire quicker since the patch, resulting in less uptime and damage overall
  • During the ‘Wotan The Invincible’ fight, the flying part of his body seems to sometimes disappear resulting in not getting the completion for killing him (needs more confirmation)
  • Takedown matchmaking does not work on ps4 (apparently matchmaking has never really worked on ps4) (Works while on character select but not while in the game)
  • The Nemesis cannot destroy any breakable objects around the game
  • In the Midnight Cairn, there is a hole in the wall for Ratch Spitter spawns and they tend to get stuck in the wall and can’t get out
  • Xbox One will still randomly crash consistently
  • People have reported having characters randomly deleted along with their guardian rank and bank (needs more confirmation)
  • The bank will reset back to 100 spaces after save quitting on ps4, even after buying the new sdus (needs more confirmation)
  • Bank sometimes does not increase even after buying SDUs
  • Zane’s quick breather skill does not seem to be working (needs more testing to be confirmed)
  • Sound will still randomly break and stop working (restarting the game fully will fix this)
  • Iron Bear is only receiving buffs from Moze’s skills on the left arm of his mounted guns (desperate measures confirmed so far)
  • Rough Rider glitching and showing some capacity instead of 0
  • When firing through Zane’s barrier (especially with multi pellet weapons) the visual can bug out and display black partical effects which block line of sight
  • Cooldown reduction is increasing iron bears cooldown rather than reducing it (needs more testing)
  • Zane’s new Antifreeze com is making anointed shock weapons deal damage to Zane himself
  • Killavolt will sometimes spawn without his gun making the fight a joke
  • When equipping items, it will show the wrong icon for the item (it’ll be a random item from your inventory) but can still be equipped without a problem
  • Ammo regen Terror anointment is either not working or not working properly (needs more testing)
  • Terror anointed weapons are being affected by the Terror debuff
  • Moze’s skill Scorching RPM does not increase the DOT damage done by any of Iron Bear’s weapons
  • The Gunner anoint that drops a grenade when Iron Bear takes damage will only proc once and if you want it to proc on the next time you use Iron Bear you must unequip and requip it
  • Fl4k cannot target the training dummy in saunctaury with attack commands
  • Sometimes the Fire Terror Skulls anointment will continue to fire the skulls even after the target has died
  • Zane’s Which One’s Real augment doesn’t seem to be taking aggro like it should (needs more testing)
  • Zane’s Trick of the Light skill doesnt seem to be updated to the new 36% (still at the old 11%)
  • Sometimes Captain Haunt will not spawn the 3 pillars during his immunity phase
  • In the Slaughter Star 3000, the last wave will not spawn along with having the bosses not spawn either
  • After completing the final wave in the Slaughter Star 3000 the quest will sometimes not complete
  • Judge Hightowers new dedicated drops are bugged and are not dropping
  • Moze’s Vampyr skill doesn’t seem to be stealing health for Iron Bear (needs more testing)
  • The Wotans Head decoration does not place on the wall properly (it doesn’t turn with the orientation of the wall it’s placed on)
  • In the Cistern of Slaughter, the final round will be unable to be completed due to 1 (or more) enemies being stuck outside the map
  • Having more than 1 point on Fl4k’s skill Head Count can cause the cooldown for R4kk Attack to reset upon finishing it’s cooldown

UPDATE: The bug with Megavore has been fixed by a hotfix reverting the self damage changes with Megavore - Tweet Regarding Megavore Bug and Hotifx
UPDATE: Regarding Zane and the Rough Rider, the Rough Rider is now considered depleted instead of both depleted and full when it comes to Zanes skills. It is now working properly with the Infiltrator com and Rise to the Ocassion.
UPDATE: When it comes to the Bounty Hunter com on Fl4k not proccing The Most Dangerous Game, some further testing shows that it only procs on bosses and potentially named enemies and badasses. So it will proc all kill skills on any enemy type when doing gun damage, but only The Most Dangerous Game when doing gun damage to a boss, named enemy, or badass.


I’ve seen reports of not being able to fast travel to sanctuary as well.


Bounty Hunter Mod is not currently activating The Most Dangerous Game.


Woops, sry I see that is already posted.

here are just a few things I found not working correctly from 20mins of game time from the new patch.

Menus seem to be bugged - I have to click multiple times just to get to the next one such as clicking select character 3 times to get the select character screen

The skill in the guardian rank that lets you aim in fight for your life is completely broken and doesnt let me aim in fight for your life.

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The menu one seems to be one from piror to the patch, i’ve had it happen a few times but it isn’t every time (at least it wasnt for me)

I was attempting to respec and I wasn’t able to select an action skill. I keept getting the prompt I was currently using the skill already, with none selected. Restarting the game corrected this error though.

Might as well take a break and let them work out the kinks. It’s not really doable with matchmaking and guardian rank not working properly.


I concur sadly.


Sniper rifle crit bonus doesn’t work.
Guardian perks don’t work.
UI performance is improved but icons are still messed up.


For me on PC, Bounty Hunter never proc’d most dangerous game ever. I was curious and tested a few days back comparing it to his other hunter coms.

This is exactly what I was talking about in my past post this game is going to get more and more unreliable. Each bug fixed will bring another or 2 more


I wasn’t aware that it wasn’t working on PC. Up until this patch, It always activated with a Bounty Hunter Mod equipped. PS4 here.

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I wonder if they put the hooks in to enable/disable Guardian rank perks and accidentally defaulted them to disabled.


I wondered about this myself.

PS4. I select my equipped shield, from within my inventory menu, and it always lists other shields to compare/equip, to the right. Instead, it is showing my general inventory pictures. When I highlight the individual items, the shield info is correct, but I’m am seeing pictures of my pistols.

Moving to the bottom and back up now shows my shield pictures to match my shield listings.


That was a usual UI bug that happened a lot, i’ve had it happen pre patch too

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Prior to this patch the Nighthawkin used to rotate damage ie. 436 x1, 436 x2, 436x3 and now it stays at 436 weapon damage. I don’t pretend to understand how that gun worked, but it has definitely been affected.


Oh. I have seen it from within the vendor menus, but never from my direct inventory.

I’m not sure if that can be considered a bug since the gun works in a weird way