Some Cartel Challenges not tracking

Anyone else having issues with some challenges not advancing at all? Did a full run through of the villa on Mayhem 5 (after dealing with multiple crashes), and multiple challenges aren’t tracking properly. Despite getting the “kill 6 under bosses in one run” I only have 2/50 under bosses killed on my other challenge. I am still at both 0/1 boss kill, and 0/10 mayhem boss kills. I also broke every dust pile I saw, but I am still at 0/500 on those.


I killed like 15 underbosses in one run of Cathedral. I ended up finishing the kill 50 challenge, but didn’t get the kill 6 challenge. Luckily I was also there to farm Lobs, because otherwise that would have been hours of my time wasted.

Yeah its doing it for me too :frowning: