Some casual nightmare fuel

Ava has inherited Troys and Mayas powers. She can create anointeds. She can anoint YOU


I looked at that as more equivalent to Force Lightening that you only see on the dark side.

Well… Troy couldn’t do it before he leeched Maya, so chances are, Maya could’ve done it if she tried

Two things to consider. Why was Maya late to the boss fight in Athenas? What happened to her because of Troy (very specific detail)

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Troy can absorb power from any Siren. He usually only leeches Tyreen, just enough so he can stay alive. When he fought Maya he just went all out and absorbed everything.

I’m just thinking Sirens have a ton of powers they don’t have full access to. If only there was a guide…

We probably really just should watch out and prevent Ava from snorting any Eridium and chances are, she’s not gonna figure it out…

Honestly, with the fan base mostly disliking or even hating Ava. I would not be surprised if we get some kind of plot twist where we see her going all evil, either in the DLC’s or maybe even the next game.

Ava was basically presented as a whiny entitled brat kind of like Anakin Skywalker was in the 3 Prequels of Star Wars. Which honestly, I hated, it just made me despise Anakin and have no real sympathy/empathy for him. And the same goes towards Ava. And until Gearbox puts out the DLC’s we won’t know what direction things are going to go. For all way know Ava could turn out to be a badass and really good leader and addition to the Crimson Raiders. Only time will tell.

Well, Anakain is not likeable but that’s kind of what makes his character work. We see him go from an annoying child to a cringworthy teenager to a borderline psychotic ■■■■■■■ to slaughtering children to becoming the emperor’s right hand.

The trouble is, Gearbox has not historically been very good at showing what they’re saying.

IE, Lilith is somehow considered to be this great commander that everyone in the Crimson Raiders trusts, and yet under her leadership, she lost the vault key, got Sanctuary destroyed, lost all of her Vault Hunters, and is now hunted across the galaxy by a millions-strong cult.

What achievements does she have? …I can’t think of any.

So I’m fully expecting them to act like Ava is some sort of genius leadership prodigy even as she makes every stupid decision under the sun and the PC constantly has to dig them out of trouble.


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and a whole bunch more… (80 in total)


Thread necromancy, ho!

@VaultHunter101 You forgot the crucial 81st achievement - angering an entire fanbase! LOL :rofl:

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Well played sir! :rofl: :laughing:


I’ll live with a three month necro if it’s funny enough!


Whose to say that Ava’s not on the dark side?

Listen, Krieg is going to come and tear Ava apart. Community outrage solved and you never saw it coming


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so…purple crimson raiders?

purple raiders?

Magenta Raiders?