Some Champion Skins Not Unlocking

So I know some other people mentioned this but some of my champion skins are not unlocking. I played one match with each of these characters and they didn’t unlock.

Hmm, same thing happening to me. I am slowly getting them for some reason. Hopefully they can fix this.

Play matches with at least each faction. also do the first and third PVE missions. and a PVP match. i unlocked all of them by playing a few matches in each mode and the prologue as well.

I actually figured it out. You kind of have to retrigger the challenge. For the ones that are map related, you have to play a mission on that map, you don’t have to win, just go in. For the ones faction related, same thing, just play that character. I have them all unlocked now. A bit annoying but only took about 5-10 minutes to kill myself on the four story missions i needed to.

I just played a round of Draft Mode (Meltdown) and collected Kills and Assists.
Phoebe and Reyna’s Champion Skin do not unlock anyway :frowning:
For the rest of the already completed challanges it does work when replaying the mission or faction.

That’s odd. First thing I did was kill myself on the algorithm and those two were in my rewards. I’m sure they will unlock eventually

Strange, now i have them but can’t remember if i got them after a mission.
Fine enough ^^

To get starting 7 characters champion skin, you need to do the prologue. Just got the cool orendi skin out of it.