Some constructive balance feedback from a competitive vet

I thought i would make a thread with some constructive feedback/suggestions instead of just complaining, which comes a lot more naturally for me. This is coming from a place of years of competitive gaming at relatively high levels.

-Tanks in general need a rework. Not in their ability to tank, i believe they are operating reasonably in that manner and as intended. But some tanks blur the lines of dps to where they are out damaging assassin characters thus making the role somewhat null and void. Tanks should tank, but i dont think they should necessarily gank as well. I feel that this could be due to the fact that there were many people that complained about certain assassin characters long ago before people really figured the game out. So some tanks that were initially in a great place were buffed beyond their roles.

-several supports need a rework as well. miko, for instance, needs to have some sort of skill element implemented in his ability to heal, as well as some sort of cooldown. being able to just constantly heal with the right gear faster than assassin characters can damage is an issue.

the new alani or whatever her name is needs an entire rework. she is basically like a reyna, miko, melka and deande or something all combined. the way they have her healing set up is great. such a great step in the right direction for support characters. it isnt spam, and requires some effort to pull off. the issue with her is her offensive capabilities and escape abilities. her stun is way out of place in the helix. if you compare her to someone like ambra who gets a stun at level 10 on alt, there is literally no comparison. it is by far the strongest stun in the game. i cant rationalize how that belongs on a support character.
a suggestion is to make the stun a slow, and perhaps move it much further down the helix. i can imagine that once her mutations are attained and mastered, she will be very much beyond the stretch of the imagination of balance.

-gear. gear is an issue in pvp. with random rolls, and character specific legendary on top of it, those two things have no place in a competitive setting. some characters have legendary class specific gear that is meh, while others have gear that is incredibly strong and complementary. a suggestion i would have to this is to perhaps only allow players to equip one piece of gear that is legendary per loadout.


Your review of Alani is way off base. Let me explain, everything she does is obvious. Her stun takes almost 2 seconds to go off and it’s range is small. Being a “vet” as you claim if you can’t dodge a skill with a circle on the ground that takes almost 2 seconds to actually go off then you should be stunned. Her wave does abysmal damage when compared to other casters such as orendi and it’s a dead straight line so if she’s spected to ride it she should be using it as an escape. If she attacks with it she will be over extended without her skill to escape so punish her. Her damage is low compared to pure dps classes people just need to figure out her play style and how best to counter it.

There isn’t much gear in the game. Heroes only use 3 slots and the stats they provide are not game-breaking. The differences between the randomized stats are so small. For example, Healing power of 12.01% vs another of the same item at 11.75%. With most of Mikos heals in the double digits this change is almost nonexistent.

I play Miko as my main. Putting a cooldown on the heal would be disastrous. I also use a few pieces of healing gear and definitely cannot outheal someone blowing up my target. It may seem like Mikos can outheal damage because we are often healing tanky Heroes with personal cooldowns that reduce their damage taken.

It shouldn’t matter if someone uses 1 legendary or 3 legendaries. They are expensive to activate. That is the price for wanting to equip more than one.

Alani is not remotely over powered. I think you might be reaching with that competitive veteran claim.

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idk if i necessarily said she was overpowered. if you could please refrain from the insults i would greatly appreciate it. check out the forum rules. its ok to talk about the game, but passively insulting me is not talking about the game.[quote=“plutheroquexos, post:3, topic:1477960”]
There isn’t much gear in the game. Heroes only use 3 slots and the stats they provide are not game-breaking.

i disagree, but thank you for your reply. i think the alamo 7 is really by definition the opposite of competitive.[quote=“bjwallauer, post:2, topic:1477960”]
Being a “vet” as you claim if you can’t dodge a skill with a circle on the ground that takes almost 2 seconds to actually go off then you should be stunned.

maybe if we were in some kind of texas showdown and it was just me and her, sure. but this is a team game where you can’t possibly see every animation from every character at all times.

You made a claim, I simply called it into question.

Appeals to authority are a logical fallacy to begin with.

When you say something as extreme as a complete rework, you are implying she’s broken.

Your appeal to authority to try and make your argument seem more valid and credible. The only correct response is to address the logical fallacy in the room.

Its not personal, its not an insult, just need to keep it real.


Alani is perfect, in my opinion. Her wave is lower damage, her heal is only strong if she’s attacking regularly, and her bubble is good, but not overpowered. It’s definitely not as bad as Montana’s huge body rush that is nearly unavoidable if he has halfway decent aim and you don’t have a Caldy level dash. It’s delayed, small area, and overall perfect. Even if she lands it, she can’t deal too much damage solo. Again, comparing to Montana who can melt you if he lands his stun.

I agree about tanks being a little too strong. But it’d be hard to tweak. A glass cannon should not be able to kill a tank, of equal skill. Yet Rath destroys Kelvin, Montana, and virtually anyone without heavy cc. So they can’t lower their damage much. But they can’t raise their hp, as healer tank combos are already borderline broken, when they shield their healer.

There’s another thread about miko using higher heal, but a short resource bar somewhere. It’s actually not a bad idea, if done well. I support the idea only if it doesn’t kill his healing, like it heals faster, but he can’t continually do it. Also gives him a break to do other things besides stand there with a beam on someone while it’s charging back up.

Gear is fine, most mobas have some similar thing. I shouldn’t say most - I can only think of LoL. But I’m sure there are more. Legendary items give a buff, yeah. But unless your a Crystal hog like I am with caldy or Rath, you don’t get them early game. Plus you have to leave lane repeatedly to get the big ones, in meltdown at least. So unless your dominating and getting kill crystals, in which case the game may already be decided, you have to lose a little to win a bit more.
As for the drop rates/stats, they’re working on those. They fixed a few this patch.
As I have said in other threads, gbx is treading new water. Give it time. It’s a casual game at the moment, so competitive rules are by the wayside. And when it gets ranked mode or whatever, I’m sure there will be tweaks to the rules, not to mention being able to see a draft pick, as well as what gear the enemy is using. It’s just not there yet.

it has taken me many, many years to learn that these types of conversations do not go anywhere. if you could do me a personal favor and not post in this thread i would greatly appreciate it. i obviously do not have the authority to TELL you not to, so you can do as you wish. all i can say is that i find your comments to be offensive.

If you going to make a post about an opinion. Be prepare for people to not agree with your opinion. If you going to make statements that provide contradictions. Be prepared for people to make rebuttals. Best way to reply the argument is to explain your reasoning and rephrase what you said not telling the person you arguing with to stop replying because it will get you no where.

If that was the case then it would be pointless to make this topic and you should have known from the begining that it would be a waste of time. Now on to the topic at hand. Alani is a new character thus of course she is going to be hard to fight against because players are not use to fighting her. Once a week or two weeks have past by, then complained about the character. A vet would bide his or her time until they can make a more accurate assessment of the situation. She has not been out for a day yet and think we should wait a awhile before we do any reworking on the hero.

You all should know the rules by now. Talk about the game, not each other. Use the flag system to alert the mods to any troublesome posts, don’t get into arguments on this forum. Thanks.