Some control additions/streamlining I'd like to see for console control pads

So, some background info: I tend to play southpaw/bumper jumper style, but I think this could work for any control type. Basically, it would make using sliding much more easy for me, as I have to shift my thumb away from the right stick to my buttons to press slide normally. (And shift my left thumb over to the right stick to avoid cancelling the run.)

So, the suggestion: can we have an option where we can use the run key to trigger slide when we’re already running? As in if you have the option where you merely click it to start running and don’t have to hold it down, it makes sense, because if you press the run button while running, you… continue to run, hence why I think that could be used to initiate a slide instead. And you have to run to initiate the slide anyway, so having this option doesn’t take anything away from the control sceme. AND if you have the controls set to “hold the button down” instead, then maybe have it so that you slide if you let go and quickly click it again? Or something?

Just a thought that struck me when trying out said slide mechanic.

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I just switch the B button to melee and the right stick button to crouch. It makes both sliding and melee attacking more intuitive.

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I got a fancypants elite controller so I mapped run to left paddle and crouch to right paddle. It might be seen as a Really expensive solution to your issue. :smiley:

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I actually tried something like that, but I dread to think of the mental rearranging I’d have to do to get used to it, as I’m so accustomed to melee with the thumbstick button.

As far as getting a different controller: I’ve had some terrible luck with unofficial controllers in the past, so I’m leery about buying those for any console, really.

Well, I appreciate the suggestions anyway, even if I don’t necessarily think they’ll work for me.

A controller works very well with BL3, except that we are exactly 1 button short of being able to map all the inputs (if you assign the d-pad to your 4 weapon slots).
It boiled down to me having to choose between secondary function and weapon-mode switch, i chose weapon-mode switch. I can go without secondary function, i just have to purchase ammo manually and lose the instant refill with 1 button press. Also if a quest-related vehicle gets destroyed then i have to temporarily remap secondary instead to respawn that vehicle.
I mentioned it a while back in a thread i made, that this could be solved by patching the game to be able to detect the left and right sides of the touchpad as two separate buttons. I have played games before in which pressing each side of the touchpad did something different. I think it was in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag as well which was a PS4 release title i think. The 2 separate touchpad buttons seems to have somehow been forgotten about by developers since the PS4 was new.

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I remember that from Diablo 3 as well. Depending on the side you pressed, you were sent to different sections of your ingame menu.

In my case (and suggestion), though, I was hoping for more of a giving a button a secondary function in some cases. Like the running and sliding part, since one button could easily serve both functions well, seeing as you have to run to slide and selecting run while running is kinda… well, pointless.

If they mapped something to the other side of the touchpad, someone would complain that the PS4 version has a feature the Xbox doesn’t. As it is they’re roughly the same. I’d imagine most of these developers that ‘forgot’ about it were just trying to keep the controls consistent between versions as much as possible.

Out of curiosity, you can’t adjust to holding the button for secondary function? I didn’t like the dual function of that button at first either, but I’m used to it now. Seems like it has to be easier to adjust to that than it is to switch button assignments just to respawn a vehicle or manually buy my ammo every time.