Some critique / hopes for improvements

Hopefully this is the right place to put this. I bought the early access game yesterday and I’ve managed 9 hours on it so far. There’s some things that I do feel should to be improved so I thought I’d bring them up. Don’t get me wrong here. I like the game. I want it to turn out as good as it can be.

  1. The teleporters are sometimes way too hard to spot. I’ve had situations where I’ve walked right past it several times without seeing it. Finding where it is hidden is kind of the point so I’m not expecting them to just light up like beacons but at the moment I feel like they are too non-descript because I’ve often literally stared right into one and not seen it. My eyesight isn’t that bad either.
    I’m also not a huge fan of sticking them next to dark wall or especially when they are partly inside said wall, that just seems like something that shouldn’t happen. They can also be partly inside the floor on uneven terrain but that is less of a problem.
    Having the sparks that fly around the middle be bigger and or brighter would probably solve this one pretty well. I do hope something is done for this. I’ve had more than one run end in a suicide because after 30-40 minutes on the same stage (usually wetlands) not finding the damn porter just gets pointless to try continuing.

  2. It’s kind of impossible to keep track of where you’ve already been. In 2D it was quite easy obviously but this is a different environment. Having some element brought into the game to help with navigation would be greatly appreciated be it a minimap that shows your close surroundings or even a compass (even though I don’t think that would really work on those planets) would help a lot. It’s very easy right now to just end up going in circles. I guess I’ll learn map layouts eventually but right now it’s definitely a little frustrating.

  3. Text chat activation needs to be able to be changed in keybindings. Text chat in this game is activated by pressing enter and you can’t change that. I’m a little weird and I tend to play with numpad instead of WASD. I changed numpad enter to be one of my cooldowns. It did accept my keychange but when I press it, it just activates text chat.

  4. Quite minor one here at the end but why do those chest prices only show up when I walk right next to the chest? As I mentioned it’s quite easy to end up a bit lost in this game, coming back to where you’ve already been and it’s hard to tell from far away if a chest is open or not. Having the price floating above unopened chests all the time, or at least showing up like 10-20 times further away than it currently does, would in my eyes be nothing but a positive thing.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and in case this is not the place where the devs see feedback could you point me to the correct direction, please.


Some more nitpicks

  • The Stone Titan boss’s eyelaser is quite unfair right now. If you dodge it by going behind him he will keep shooting it at you through his own body. It makes no sense and makes avoiding it annoying since your only option is to get something between you and him.

  • The first couple of minutes in the game are boring right now. Enemies need to spawn to get money so you can open chests but during the first couple of minutes you’re likely to just search for your first chest / shop etc. and then start camping it for enemy spawns. Changing the starting money to 25 might also help a bit but I’d rather just have some forced enemy spawns right at the beginning.

  • In the vein of this and also my last posts point #2: if I ping an unopened chest, shop, teleporter etc. I really wish those markers would stay on the map indefinitely unless I go and activate said chest or activating the teleporter disables it. The movement pings disappearing is a good thing but I don’t think pinged interactables should disappear like that.

  • Sometimes when you enter the next stage there’s an enemy right next to you and he’ll just smack you.

  • Drones and equipment chests (use items) seem to be have kind of wonky spawns right now. Usually there’s none of them in a stage. Then when you get a stage that has one you know there’s going to be like 5 of them in there. Would be nice if you could just occasionally find one more often than now.

  • Probably something that is in the works but I don’t understand the point of combat shrines as they are right now. I can summon enemies but be rewarded nothing for slaying them. I’d also much prefer blood shrines giving items like they did in RoR1 or at least having a chance to do so. The money is nice if you find it at the beginning of a stage but other than that they are kind of useless IMO.

  • Not a huge fan of anything related with Lunar Coins right now. Keeping them between runs seems weird considering that’s the only thing you keep. The Bazaar just feels like a weird break from the gameplay and I’m not a fan of being able to get items there based on my previous runs instead of my current one. Some of the Lunar items are kind of cool but some of them are so bad that I’m never, ever going to pick them up.

  • I understood rolls are going to be changed so that you keep sprinting after one if you were sprinting when executing it. Could we get this to also apply to both of Mercenary’s Whirlwind and Blinding Assault too, please. He already is one of the only 2 characters able to attack while sprinting so those 2 options ending your sprint just feels wrong.

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Oh right, one more that I’m fairly sure everyone knows about by now:

The blazing elites are kind of out of control. When you get to hard and beyond blazing elites will start one shotting you. I haven’t noticed other elites doing that.

Since no one has pointed me in another direction I’ll continue using this thread for stuff that seems off.

I’ve played some co-op with a friend on a couple of days and the enemy aggro is silly for now. Enemy can spawn right next to me and then they’ll start running to the other side of the map where my friend is instead of focusing me :smiley: Attacking them also doesn’t change their mind about who they will be going after nor does anything seem to for that matter. It can lead to situations where the other player just doesn’t have anything on them and when something spawns it just goes hi-bye.

Moving on to Monsoon runs from now on. I’ve been looking forward to this.

Here are some of my nitpicks

  • Attack speed seems to heavily nerf the mercenary’s whirlwind ability. Starting out its a useful movement tool and also helps you tackle flying enemies, but attack speed lowers the distance you travel and the amount of time its up for. I would like to see it that it moves the same distance and time, but attack speed increases the amount of attacks you do in that space.

  • This is a small nitpick but I would like to be able to blind fire as the huntress if no enemies are targeted, she has no range at all if you aren’t targeting anything and it would be nice to do some chip damage at targets far away.

  • Right now I think burning damage is overtuned. I can make it into over an hour run into far HAHAHAHA territory and the only thing that brings me down is either an unexpected nuke or burning damage.

  • I would like there to be more variety when it comes to the zones, and what I mean is every run starts on the same two zones, the second stage is one of two zones, and the 3rd and 4th stage is one zone. Maybe this will be alleviated as more things are added into the early access, but it would be nice if all 6 zones could be available at any given time.

  • Can we get more info about what items do during a run? The first time picking something up gives me very vague details about it, and I have to look into the logbook after the run is over in order to know exactly what it does. For example, I had no idea the scythe that heals you for crits gave you crit, so the first time I picked it up I thought it was useless without another crit artifact.

  • It would be nice if the chests that have 3 items in them to choose from offered 3 different choices every time, it seems that it defeats the purpose when there are only 2 choices sometimes. In the same vein it would also be nice that if more than one 3d printer spawns in a level, they offer different items. Two 3d printers offering the same item is pretty much a wasted spawn.

Those are my general concerns. Otherwise this is a great game.

Are you thinking about a level system on each character?
When a game ends it give me some exp for rise up the character level (like Apex Legends).
With this level you can do everything you want, like a passive stats on that character (or not) etc…
I guess infinite levels with a cool border on it( like Rocket League) that you can show in multiplayer games.
In the future you can, also, implement some pass with ingame missions and unlockable aestetics.
All this stuff for let me play more.
I’m writing this post because my friends say that they like this game but there is no progression, you just start a game, play it, die and stop…
I know that this is the base of a roguelike but, for my opinion it have the potential for a larger numbers of players, but it need some influence from the most commercial famous games…

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Seems as good as place as anywhere to post some feedback!

While it has been mentioned about the insane damage from the fire dot, and the brokenness of the Stone golems in late game (2 hours +), I was wondering if this would be a far off patch of a closer one?

While I appreciate that its normal to introduce less frequent patches, this is a game breaker for myself and a lot of my friends, who like to push into the late game, but can go from hero to fried and crispy in .001 seconds from those fire bastards!

Likewise, late game, you can actually get hit before you spawn (at least visually it seems that way), and get killed on entry into the game.
Maybe stopping the enemies spawning on top of you, or ~2 seconds of invulnerability so if your computer is a tad slower and loading you in, you don’t die before your character spawns (or more to the point, you spawn as an explosion hits you, type deal).

The game reads or writes to the steam userdata folder something awful, while on an SSD no big deal, but my games hard drive is a HDD. What this translates into is that every item I pick up, the game lags for what seems like 12 years, but is probably less than a second. However, at late game with 20 enemies all trying to make you their tasty treat, that lag has got me killed more than a few times!

I’ve been spawned in games under the map, where I fall and get respawned, no big deal. But I have had it where it spawns me back under the map and I fall to my death, insanely frustrating in late game, well, frustrating whenever!

I like the changes to the teleporter, much easier to see which is great! Has a tendency to spawn half in items (walls and the like) which can make it hard to find, but I don’t think that is a huge problem.

Not sure what you could/would do about it, but late game you also have more money than anyone knows what to do with. Not something that needs to be changed, but something to consider.

Would be pretty cool if there was a way to swap items at a 3-1 ratio, but you choose what you lose. It would have to be in the lunar portal I assume, or somewhere else safe. But if I could choose to give up 3 backup clips for a useful item, I certainly would.
Even if it had a limitation such as, you can choose which 3 of an item you lose, but you gain whichever item you have the most of.
Again, just throwing out ideas. As I don’t care where I am up to in the game, I’d rather lose 3 banners and gain a teddy bear any day of the week lol.

But otherwise keep up the great work, the game is stupid amounts of fun, I’ve already racked up 40+ hours and can’t believe just how addictive it is to ‘just go that lil’ bit further’!

Just a bit more feedback on what may or may not be intentional.

On Rainstorm difficulty, at about 3 hours in (~200 minutes) it stops spawning teleport bosses at all, and starts to slow down summoning other enemies altogether.

Is this intentional?

This is from the Development thought #2

“People have gotten far enough into the game that things just… stop spawning. For context, the game skips spawns that it deems is too easy for the number of “spawn credits” it has. If you’ve gotten to that point congrats, the game thinks Overloading Worms are a bit too easy for you. This will naturally be fixed once higher tier monsters and affixes are added to the game. For now… it means that you terrified the whole planet.”


Wake of Vultures usage frequency and power level make it seem more like a crappy common instead of a rare. Maybe I’m missing something about it but it’s currently such a disappointment to get that as a rare instead of almost any other item in the game.

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Maybe it’s just me but the more I play with the different classes the more I come to the conclusion that Engineer is ridiculously strong because of the facts that items apply to turrets. It is fun but I almost don’t feel like playing anything else anymore. Things start melting like butter way earlier than on any other class and I can only assume it’s because some items being applied constantly from 3 different sources is preeeetty powerful.
Maybe the turrets should have a lower proc chance for items (forgot the term the devs use for this).

On the otherhand the more I play on Merc the more I do start feeling like there’s somethings that are just off about him. The Blinding strike change we got now is great. It is one of the things that I was inconvenienced about. I’ve already said Whirlwind and Blinding strike shouldn’t remove sprint and I firmly believe this is at least being looked at since other sprint things were on the table earlier in dev blogs.

Here’s some other stuff

  1. Higher damage ups on levels. That and higher proc chance on items on all skills. He simply doesn’t age very well right now. Bosses last mere seconds against engineer who doesn’t even need to be there himself, meanwhile the guy that needs to get into the very thick of battle is going to take minutes.

  2. Whirlwind kinda starts feeling silly when you stack attack speed. It loses it’s mobility aspect. Combined with not sprinting straight out of it just becomes a button that feels underwhelming after a few stages. I think it’s kinda supposed to be an AOE button as well but it doesn’t work very well for that either because you are pretty vulnerable after it.

  3. Blinding assault just kinda stops at the end, freezing all your momentum. It feels pretty awkward and it would be a lot better if it didn’t have that delay at the end and instead allow you to just carry on with your movement. I also feel like the start up could use some brief invulnerability frames. I originally thought it had them but I guess I was wrong as I have been nuked out of the start-up so many times. Alternatively the start up delay could just not be there.

  4. Whirlwind and basic attack vertical hitboxes I’ve mentioned before.

  5. Eviscerate could use something. It’s still an AOE area that picks a single target but when that target is not what you are pointing at over 80 % of the time it gets a wee bit annoying. There’s also these weird situations where I start slashing at what I wanted but them suddenly I’m slashing at something else mid-animation, probably because that other guy moved closer to the “center of evisceration”. I’d offer the simple solution of making it a small radius AOE from whatever you are slashing at. Evisceration also has tiny problem of being really vulnerable when you are coming out of it but the blinding strike suggestion at 3 would take care of that for the most part.

At the moment he’s the most mobile character that has the most dangerous playstyle of them all (which I really like) but his skill properties just kinda take the wind out of the mobility aspect and the sheer lack of “oooomph” at later stages makes the close up playstyle feel unrewarding.

There’s a typo in Shaped Glass’ description (god s designs).

EDIT: could we make it so pressing ESC takes you to the previous screen? I’m always trying to do that to get out of descriptions back into the logbook or to get out of the logbook into the main menu. Considering I’m doing trying that on habit it’s probably been a thing in many games.

So, the change to Lunar coins (being able to reliably gather them) is better than what we had. The annoyance they brought just got shifted from rare drops of coins affecting your future runs in a game where nothing else does in to doing some throwaway / farming runs every once in a while so you can effectively remove the whole thing from the game. If I can at will waste my time farming dozens of them, I feel like the things could just as well be free so I wouldn’t have to waste my time for an annoying account wide currency mechanic.

The lunar items already come with a choise tied to them since they have downsides. If lunar coins have to be a thing then just reset them between runs like everything else but make them common enough to a point where you can semi-reliably gather them inside your runs.

People wanted a reliable method to get coins for a reason but if the solution is introducing boring farming runs into the game then I’d feel much more inclined to just either remove the whole thing or get back to the drawing board for how to make them feel like a fun part of the game.

Frost Relic is kind of underwhelming. It is kind of powerful when just staring at raw numbers it could pull of in optimal situations but that’s not really a realistic scenario. Compare it to Unstable Tesla Coil, another rare that does damage at close range and the difference in results is like night and day. Tesla hurts like hell and the way it functions it’s guaranteed to hit something instead of going to waste. It just kicks in periodically and does a lot of damage when it does. Frost relic goes off on a kill and for a short while causing a constant DOT (kind of) near you in a game where you don’t usually want to be near enemies for extended perioids of time. I’m not sure if this item has a proc chance for on-hit items but maybe look at that to create interesting synergies with other items making it a desirable tool for proccing in close range instead of just buffing it’s damage.

Healing items that give a fixed number of health are really bad. Medkit and Monster tooth are not that good even in the first stages and they become dead drops after you’ve gained just a few levels. Having their effects be percentage based would make them halfway decent. Just need to pick numbers that are small enough to not break everything while feeling meaningful at least when stacked (say 5 % of max health for Medkit with +2,5 % per stack or something). This would also make N’Kuhana’s Opinion feel a lot more like a decentish rare as right now it’s one of the more underwhelming ones.

I don’t think there’s any point in stacking crit beyond 100 %. It’s not the most common occurrence but it feels a little bad picking up crit items when you are doing guaranteed crits already. Maybe some sort of a damage modifier for crits beyond 100 %? Like at 120 % crit chance your crits would do 220 % damage instead of 200 % or something.

The change to wake of vultures makes it at least not hurt the player but I truly wish this item would get another look into its powerlevel. It’s still probably the worst rare out there. Getting a rare should feel good. This item is more of a “no, why?” spoken in a desperate tone kind of power level for a rare.

Ceremonial dagger (or was the name sacrificial dagger) does not have it’s damage numbers or the amount of projectiles listed on it’s card.

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I wouldn’t mind if character stat summary page would be implemented into the game. Other rogue-lite game – Synthetik – has this and it is useful when making build focused decisions.

Also, it would be nice to have some kind of modding tool. It would be awesome to be able to create survivors, survivor skins, maps, parameter configuration sets.