Some DR/Distirbuted Denial Tests

So I did test a bit with damage reduction from Zane Skills, Rough Rider and Distributed Denial.
Testing was done on MH3 True Vault Hunter (which might skew results). I was mainly interested in how different DR values work together and if DR from shields (or other passive bonuses) are added to Zane.

As a test I wrote down shield damage without DR from a Skag (lvl 51) and then wrote down damage numbers (all melee, no visible MH bonuses) after changing gear stats.

Base damage: 1624
23% (RR) DR: 1250 ( 76,9%)
23% + Barrier: 1120 (68.9%)
16% DR (SUL): 1359 (83.6%)
15% DR (FB): 1377 (84,7%)
23% + 16% (RR+ SUL): 1046 (64.4%)
23%+16%+Barrier: 938 (57.8%)
16%+15% (SUL+FB): 1181 (72.7%)
16%+15%+23% (SUL+FB+RR): 909 (55.9%)
16%+15%+23% + Barrier: 814 (50.1%)

This shows that Zane clearly does get added DR when near the Barrier (only when Barrier is deployed, carrying it won’t give any DR), which should work for other passive shield addons (e. g. 40% chance to absorb ammo) as well. It could be 50% (things that are skewing results can be MH, TVHM and a level difference of 1).
Also the game does not seem to calculate DR as in Borderlands 2. 1/(1+DR) would give a lot less DR. Those numbers could suggets that and DR is applied multiplicatively ((1-RR)(1-FB)(1-SUL)). Numbers don’t add up perfectly but would be much closer than compared to the old formula (about 1 percentage point difference in most cases), though the difference between observed and expected results is still pretty large when adding more sources of DR (but a Zane bonus of 40-50% might fit with those numbers).


Things I see looking at your tests:
Futility belt and stiff upper lip seem to work together now. Edit: never mind, the damage did not have to be converted so we still don’t now if it is converted to true damage outside of PvP.
Borderlands uses Diablo 3 mechanics now. Definitely with damage resists. Probably with cooldown too, it’s not that far fetched anymore.
Exactly like you said (1-DR)x(1-DR)x…
I think the level multiplier was 1,03 in this game and sine you’re “underleveled” by one level this gets added as x1,03.
Would go really well with your results.

So maximum DR is 78% with 4 Zanes having the same setup hue hue hue (if they stack for each ally)

Good work dude, thank you for doing this!

bumping this because it needs to be seen

Did a bit of more testing as I realized that splash damage should be able to test it much faster. The numbers still don’t add perfectly, but there are some interesting things going on with Futility Belt (would be great if someone could confirm that).
First: I was not able to apply a dot while on myself why Futility Belt was active, WHEN I did not have any points in Playing Dirty. With Playing Dirty I suddenly got dots.
This suggests that Futility Belt actually does convert the whole damage, but that there might be either a very short delay in which it does not convert or that it does not work on extra projectiles, which would explain why people still get Dots ingame with Futility Belt.
Second: I was able to get DR numbers up to about 72% with 23% and 18% damage reduction when Futility Belt was active. The biggest jump in fact was after activating it and with physical splash damage (which should have been reduced already by the passive effect (no need for conversion).
An explanation could be that FB converts the damage after calculating the impact damage first (with all reduction) and then the damage is calculated on physical resist which would double the effect for physical damage as well as double sources of DR (18% class mod and 23% Rough Rider while Elemental resist from Artifact might work as well).