Some easter eggs you might not recognize

so we will start with a bl2 easter egg

The Thompson gun: warren Zevon:

Roland the headless Thompson gunner: 2 parts here first is “Roland” the second refers to the weapon the Thompson.

Next, these are two BL3 easter eggs I am not sure have been captured:

First is the ad’s on the COV broadcast: Perviton kinda sounds like travertine (methamphetamine) used by the Germans to stimulate their troops in early WWII.

Secondly is Jacobs’s words “family portraits thrown out like Sheeps Gut” Sheeps Gut was one of the early examples of a condom.

There are a couple of other examples throughout BL3 . Knoweldge is more than what has happened in the last 20 years.

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It is a song from the late 70s and a lot of Borderlands names are song references from the 70s and 80s so that in itself isn’t a secret.

Second there is a reddit post from over a year ago requesting a gun with that song title be put into Bl3. So this shows that Gb does pay attention.

However I am sure you are right that a lot of players missed it so good catch. Besides I do enjoy listening to that song when it’s brought up. So thanks for the link even if it is to a remastered version. Lol

Besides all the Star Wars references in game there are also plenty of references to several other older sscif/fantasies, such as the Lord of the Rings Easter eggs in BL2 and BL3…as well as some Downton Abbey references in Bl3(although I have never seen it).

I know there are probably many easter eggs I missed; such as the Walking Dead reference when you encounte Vaughn hung upside down. A friend pointed that out to me. Although as I’ve never seen Walking Dead I don’t quite know which Walking Dead scene it references.

Either way keep coming up with interesting posts and I will keep reading them.