Some elemental weapons colors are blurry and bright

In the new Handsome BL2 game the colors on the elemental weapons, the light on ammo boxes, light on lockers, etc. are brighter and have a foggy glow. It is worst when zooming the scoop or up close to the chests and those other items mentioned above. I have adjusted the brightness on Options and it has no effect on the problem. I have adjusted all the controls on the TV and no effect. I have not noticed as much on the Pre Sequel, but I haven’t played it much either. It is very annoying and sometimes makes it so bright that I can’t tell what is going on. Any ideas on what I can do besides going back to PS3 version which it doesn’t occur on (so it’s probably not an adjustment on my TV)? It shows up most on items like fires that are being generated while the game is being played.