Some enemies are considered Battleborns?

Hey there Badasses!

First things first:

  1. I don’t know if someone already made a topic similar to this one. I’ve searched a bit but haven’t found anything like this.
  2. I can’t decide if this post suits more the “Beatrix” thread or the “Lore Discussion” thread, so if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it.

Sooooo, I was trying to complete Beatrix’s Lore when I noticed that this part of the lore was also progressing…


… kinda slowly actually…

Aaaand the strange thing is that I mainly played Campaign missions and OP ones.

So I guess, some major enemies also count as Battleborns ? And if so… do someone actually knows which ones ?

I’d happily play some PvP but since there is actually nobody to play with and against it’ll be really helpful to know which enemies are considered Battleborns because right now I feel it more like some sort of a guessing game.

Please share your thoughts or I’ll tell mom.

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I did this challenge mostly in The Renegade. I assumed some of the larger Thrall sometimes must of counted as Battleborn. But it wasn’t consistent enough for me to figure out who set it off. But since I’ve only noticed this happening with Beatrix I think it is just a happy mistake honestly.

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How many times have you successfully applied Patient Zero? (Wondering if the glitch lies in the fact that both are spread with the same weapon.)

That’s actually how I mastered her. I never figured out why it works on some enemies (it seems random but there;s definetly more to it).


When he was first released, Pendles’ “Word of Warning” Lore (tentacle-slap 50 enemy Battleborn) treated item boxes as Battleborn. These things happen.


The exact same thing I thought!
Also, I’ll try to play The Renegade more. Thanks for sharing your info!

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@KitRyu @Third-Hawk
I had better result on, I believe it was called, The Sentinel.
Apologies if I have the name wrong, I havent played Bb since Januari. After awhile The Renegade stopped being a good farming location for this lore challenge for me.

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There could be a better place, definitely. I kept playing the renegade because that was where I first noticed it happening. I didn’t try other places because I just didn’t think of it at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’t tested it myself (though I should because I really want this) but I’ve heard tell that on the Renegade when the boss has his shield up and you shoot him then the bullet reflects. And if it hits you or one of your partners then BOOM, you’ve applied it to a Battleborn.

Can’t confirm but seems… plausible?


@MidnightNova @KitRyu

I noticed it after playing The Algorithm and The Void’s Edge for some time. Between the two I’d say The Algorithm was better, I guess.

I should try some Heliophage cuz, in case bosses are considered Battleborns, there is a good amount of them in that mission.

Yus, that’s it’s name :+1: and actually I still haven’t tried that one with Beatrix, I’ll check it out too!

I’ll definetily try this one!
And if it works out well, I guess it could also be done on The Saboteur ? I think that Jailer Hylis (The Renegade’s boss) and Thrall Foreman Grall (The Saboteur’s boss) have pretty similar shields so if it works for one, it may work for the other one too.

Btw, thank you all! ^^

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If you can confirm one or the other then let us know and I’ll farm the hell out of it. Love me some Beatrix.

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Sure, that was/is my plan ^^

Ooooh my, it actually worked!


This is the result of only one run on The Renegade.

@KainZilla Thanks ALOT for the suggestion!

It’s a bit tricky to get, tho. Probably I would have completed it all if only I knew earlier which part of the shield I needed to shoot.

So, here’s a chart for you:

And here are some notes to it:

  1. It’s actually an image.
  2. Fire your Injector at the GOOD areas and your shots should be reflected really close to you (if not, try to line up with them)
  3. This bad guy won’t have his shield up a second time (at least as far as I know).
  4. Given the point above, try not to build any turrets in the final room, cuz if his minions die, his shield go depleted.
  5. Even if you haven’t built any turrets, there is still Caldarius who will fight this boss’s minions.
  6. Given the poin above, try to do this as fast as you can.

I’m going to end this challenge on The Sentinel because I don’t want to disappoint @MidnightNova

Thanks to all for the suggestions!

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Awesome! I’m so happy that worked.
For you and for me, lol.

Kudos to your application of the scientific method
(Sort of) in pursuit of results. Phoebe would be proud. Beatrix would be disappointed that nothing got spliced. :slight_smile:


I had my lore done the same way and I was under impression it’s a glitch not directly related to enemy types (e. g. one particular helix). I was getting about 10-15 of progress per mission or OP (Toby’s), pretty much every mission I tried.

I don’t recall it clearly which one didn’t count at all… It was probably the Sentinel and I made a different pick at level 5 - instead of 5L (infection deals 20 damage to nearby enemies) I picked 5C (after hitting a target your bullet jumps to nearby enemy), the one I never picked before because it wasn’t available for me yet. Yeah, that’s why I thought it was more of a helix glitch, not enemies’.

What did you pick at lvl5? Did you do the Sentinel?

This makes me think that eithe 5l or 5m should activate this lore- its probably bouncing to boxes :slight_smile: because im pretty sure the pendles lore mentioned above still works.

and since boxes only ever take one hit, and infection is always applied after a hit, it would stand to reason you’d need infection spreading opening boxes for you. furthermore, i think theres an earlier helix - the p0 target spreads infection to attackers - that might make 5l and 5r even more effective at this, since theres no input from you required- just an enemy standing near a box.

The Pendles one, unfortunately, does not still work. I tested that a while back.

I got a handful of them off of the boss on The Saboteur. Definitely no boxes left around for it to bounce into. My partner in the round was an Attikus who was right in the thick of it so it would be pretty easy for a stray shot to bounce off a shield and hit Atty since he was RIGHT there.

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