Some feature suggestion

1: The mayhem +4 and +6 weapons are a great addition to the base game, so people are more likely to back there on higher difficulty, but I think the DLC maps should have 1-2 mayhem weapons as well, so there would be more reason to go back there as well.
2: I already wrote this on an other topic, but it didn’t happen ,and I still think, it should be a feature: make Amara able to change element on button command (for example using the same button as fl4ks pet command). It is essential on an elemental build, to use the right element, and opening the menu mid fight is annoying in solo, and suicide in multi player .
3: While the previous two request was something important in my opinion, this last one is just some things I would like to see: Atlas shotguns, and more legendary vladof launchers using the alternative fire mode (for example an e-tech launcher, with a normal laser blast as primary fire, and on secondary going into mortar mode, but instead of a mortar shot, it would be an “orbital strike” style laser)

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