Some features not working for me

When I go to load up the game, I’m noticing some errors or oddities that go into in game menu after the title screen.
Here is what I’m seeing. On title screen not hotfix applying. Yes I’m aware if you go to fast through the title screen they can not apply, that’s not the issue. I let it sit there for 15 minutes at one point. Also noticing on the news box bottom left is not changing, just sits there with a generic Hey, vault hunters.
Aside from hotfix not applying in game, I can see via my Zane sntnl anointed items still being at 50% cryo damage, I’m also unable to send mail. I tested the mail with someone who has an empty inbox.
I know it’s not my internet, cause I’m posting this from my phone with same connection and I’m able to send messages with ps4 messaging.
Anyone else getting these issues or know how to correct them?

From the main screen before hitting play, press triangle; and navigate to the settings part (little gears on top right of screen) - it sounds like your in “local only” and this is where you can change this (if this was the case, return to title screen - then go back to the main screen to apply hotfix)
Beyond this im out ideas

  • edited as the router shouldnt be the issue

Thanks for the advice. Had already started a delete and reinstall, which appears to have rectified some of the issues. So cannot confirm or reject how your suggestion worked. Would have been much quicker to try your method though.
I hadn’t changed any settings though from previous sessions.
Still getting a mail issue but appears to time based and is different message from before.

From what I’ve read, I believe the hotfix download may be connected with the SHIFT system? In-game email is certainly related to SHIFT, so if there’s an issue with the servers (even temporarily) you might see some odd side effects.

Not familiar with PS4, but connection issues like that can cause an XB1 game to switch in to off-line mode. So if this crops up again, use the instructions Steeveyb provided to check your status.