Some Feedback After Day Three

-Arachnis/Geoff talks so much. He talks. So much. Even worse, many of the lines are said frequently and repeated just as quickly. A delay between his lines would be nice.
-A prompt to tell people you can hold down and teleport back to base and refill health. 70% of the community is standing near supply stations to heal, and that simply takes too much time. I only found out because I was pressing directional buttons to see if I was missing anything.
-Also, clarify what is where on the minimap. Things like buildables are not clearly defined- I think there’s a dot or something, but it doesn’t really stand out compared to…well, everything else.
-I played two games in a row where three teammates disconnected in the first ten minutes and did not return. If you disconnect for more than a certain alotted time, you should be banned from re-joining the queue for a certain period of time. League of Legends does this to varying levels of success.
-This keeps popping up, but I’ll re-post it here for posterity; You cannot shoot abilities through teammates. If Montana(It’s always Montana) Blocks Galilea’s shield, she is boned for the next 19 seconds. Add an outline so the enemy team can see if there is an ally behind them as well.

Those are a few things that have been irking me, but other than that I’ve been having a great time with the game.

I’ve noticed this problem too. Players will usually just attack until they are died or healed by a healer. However I think instead of a prompt it should be shown on a loading screen tip or tutorial.

Yes. The symbols need to be more obvious.

Yep this is an issue for healers too as it forces ranged to be in the front lines.