Some feedback on builds

So I’d like some help, not with setting up skills I’m pretty happy where I’m at with play styles… But looking for more weapon options to fit into the way I play.

Starting with Zane, I don’t do recoil. My drone and clone build focuses on running and gunning - so I’m looking for weapons that shoot an entire clip and just reload. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m still looking for some level 50 Torgue Carbuncle pistols, I was wondering if there’s any other types I should keep an eye out for though. Pistols or rocket launchers I’m assuming are going to be my only options here other than more shotguns (and there’s not nearly enough sdu for me to roll 4 shottys).

Additionally, I’m looking to change up my Rakk build for Fl4k… I want to use the terror mechanic to remove all investments I have in sustainability and focus on more damage output in my skills. That being said I’m going to use the grenade giving me terror every 5 seconds and this beauty here:

Problem is I’m not really finding any guns to incorporate into the build. The best anointment I’ve found so far is this:

Are there better guns that use terror (since my upkeep will be close to permanent even with the shield eating it after every action skill use) that I should keep an eye out for? Thanks for any help in the matter.

Also just a quick question about terror, does anyone have an idea regarding the duration of the effect?

Some Dahl and Hyperion weapons, particularly snipers and smgs, have low to no recoil and may work for you on Zane so try those out if you get some nice purples or legendary. I’m curious to see what else you find so keep us posted.