Some Feedback on Guardian Rank

It would be great if we had an option to disable our guardian rank whenever we want, I think many of us would like the option to disable it when making a new character to keep the early game fresh without those big bonuses that makes the game too easy, and then enable it again when we reach endgame farming. There are tons of twitch streamers that hasn’t spent a single guardian token for that reason, I made the mistake of spending over 250 guardian tokens and now starting a new playthrough just feels ridiculously easy and boring. This used to be a feature in Borderlands 2, just not sure why it isn’t in Borderlands 3 but I hope it gets implemented so I can do some challenge runs on twitch without those unfair advantages.

Other than that keep doing what you guys been doing, its been amazing to keep seeing the game updated every week with fixes and balancing to the guns


Also because you don’t want all perks for different builds. You don’t want shield reboot with roofed shield for example…