Some fire rate skills are INCREASING burst fire delay

I’ve found out that some skills that increase your fire rate also effect burst fire delay, at first I thought this would be a reduction to burst delay but NOPE, it’s an increase.
So far I’ve figured out that ‘Violent Violence’, ‘Domino Effect’, ‘Fired up’ and the passive from Fl4k’s War Loader all increase burst fire delay rather than decreasing it.
Here is Violent Violence showing what it actually does to burst delay:

For a while I’ve thought that something weird was going on with burst fire rate and fire rate increases and well now I know why


…wonder if this is on their radar.

Interesting. So is this also the case for other fire rate skills like Scorching RPMs and COM/relic fire rate passives?

Is there any legit way to shorten delay between bursts?

This is weird I’ve never seen the burst fire in this skill. Mine is just fire rate increase.
Burst fire delay part isn’t there. Wtf?

I added to the description so it actually shows the burst fire delay change that’s part of the skill, but I did not touch the boost at all so what you can see is the normally hidden change

From memory - which admittedly could be faulty - the way burst fire mode works in BL2 is that it compresses the shots into a smaller time frame, but the time before the game registers your gun as empty and starts reloading remains the same as it would have outside of burst fire.

IOW increased fire rate will shorten the duration of each burst, but you’ll get a correspondingly longer gap between bursts so that the time to empty the mag completely is the same in and out of burst fire mode.

Or are you saying that there’s an additional penalty on top of that behaviour?

Does this apply to moze’ drowning in brass skill? As that lowers her fire rate up to 7.5%

I’m saying that there is an additional penalty on top of that behaviour, the 4 skills I listed originally not only increase fire rate but also directly increase burst fire delay which is its own separate attribute

No its only effects the ones I listed in my original post