Some Fl4k Gear for you Fl4k Att4kers

Have some gear up for grabs. Not looking for anything in particular for them, but wouldn’t turn down a recursion in Corrosive/Fire with elemental damage for two mags, phaseslam 300%, or the rad damage after AS anoint, A phasezerker with Splash, Cooldown, and Crit (general, not manufacturer specific), or a golden rule with decent secondaries and +3 to Laid Bare (I have not seen one drop with a +3 in this, so I dont know if its possible)

Gear up for Grabs

Dauntless Autoaime in Kinetic with 100% Rakk attack anoint
Bianary Mocking Cutsman in Fire with the Gamma Burst Anoint
Arctic Mngwa with 100% Rack attack Anoint
Ion Cannon x2 in Kinetic with Gamma Burst Anoint

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dibs on the night haken psn Nobody919

have like 10 golden rules in various qualities.

The Nighthawk is yours. I’ll add you in a moment

Any of the golden rules with a +3 in Laid Bare?

let me check.

got 2 of them any sub prefrance?

OOOOO interest piqued. What are the options?

option 1
health reg
valdof fire rate
vladof reload speed
option 2
general fire rate
malian reload
atlas reload

Option 2 would be cool. Request sent on PSN. the Nighthawkin is on me, so I can send whenever you are ready

will send both since im done playing as amara

Works for me. Thank you

what was your psn id i have 30 friends