Some for the Road and Maliwan Weapons

I’ve been using the recursion and Moze to farm for Backburners. It seems that after the first time I enter and exit IB, my recursion “locks up” and won’t fire during the duration of Some for the Road.

Has anyone else experienced this or know what’s going on?

Exactly Same to me. It is always annoying.

Similar issue with the Plaguebearer as well. Hop out get one shot off (if that) then nothing.

Seems to have to do with charged weapons and how they are triggered. Going to do some tests out of combat and see if I can zero in on the issue.

EDIT the results
So the big takeaway is, there’s a second or so when you pop out where if you are firing, it won’t register correctly. You have to wait a beat, then fire. Annoying really since if feels like we are losing time from hopping out of IB, getting our bearings, and that assumes you’re not immediately downed by enemies that target you instead of IB/AB.

A simple solution would be to have AB draw all the aggro from you when you pop out, giving you a chance to defend yourself.

I didn’t notice this required pause when I was using the backburner because I usually side-step a bit to avoid splash damage. So it’s only a second or so (I guess we only really get 4 secs from Some for the Road).

As for the plaguebearer, it’s “semi-auto” so you have to squeeze the trigger again and again. Odd for a charged weapon, but that’s how it works without SftR, so it makes sense. Because of the repeated charging, I can only get 2 free shots off with it.

But I think that’s why my recursion is getting “locked”. If I wait that beat, (half a second maybe a second) then it’ll work as expected. I have to hand it to the OG Moze players, who stuck with her from the start. I only started really player her after exhausting FL4K and Zane, so these issues are surprising / not surprising.