Some free items, cleaning out my vault

They are just taking up space

Anyway i can get

Replicator shield

Gt: Unguiding

all sent

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Cani have the Shock Stone Otto Idol please… gt. RavenMock3r


Thank you

I would love the Moze mods. Are you seeking any goodies for your own build?
Whiskey ay GoGo

nope, already got me moze set

my sent items has timed me out, can send anything until an hour from this post FYI

Anyone else?

I’ll take the companion and unforgiven if you still have them . GT: str8murkin33

the unforgiven was claimed, but I can send you the companion

sent the companion

Thank you

Still have the reinforced front loader? My gt is dnaker

I think so, if so will send this afternoon