Some Free Stuff: 72 Bee, 71 Blood of Ancients, and 69 Legendary Engineer Mod

I have the listed free stuff, message me on the forum and I’ll PM you my Steam details if you want it.

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out of curiosity how long did it take you farming before you got “The Bee” shield?

Not very long. I went to OP1 and wanted to get an OP1 variant. I ended up with maybe… five of them in a couple hours of casual farming, but only one was OP1. I did end up with a couple fire/corrode/elec immune editions that are 72, but I’m keeping those for specific encounters, so I was just getting rid of my reg 72.

So, to get the one I wanted took about two hours of casual play time.

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Ahh cool thank you, I only just finished getting al dlc for BL2 and my main is level 50 at the moment in tvhm. Right now I’ve been blowing through the main story line to get to the point of farming it. Still trying to farm a few others right now too like a higher level set of Infinity pistols fire/ corrode, higher level Harold, etc. My current legendary gear was helpfully given to me by Raptchur though they’re all level 40 pieces so they’re quite ready for upgrade prior to UVHM.

can you add me im new to BL2 on pc but i use to play on xbox can you help me out?

which one of us @jacobdelgado344

Oh man i dont even know some one that can maby power level me and give me some good stuff i would appreciate it

Hey can any of you help me out my Steam is roadkiller344

I sent you an add on steam @jacobdelgado344