Some Galilea Suggestions

During the open beta, I played both on and against Galilea in both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game, and I had a few suggestions for tweaks to the Galilea gameplay that I thought might be cool to see.

  1. Since Galilea is a caster tank, similar to an EQ2 Shadowknight, it would be cool to see something for some of her abilities that uses her regenerating shield (not the physical shield) as an MP bar. This would cut down on some of her “indominability” as many people have been referencing on the forums, as well as adding a unique characteristic to the character that still falls in line with her archetype. This would also help prevent her spamming some of her abilities too much and provide a better risk vs reward scenario for some of her skills and abilities, such as the ranged attack when at full health (since using it would remove a small portion of your shield per swing, it makes it less likely you’ll stay at full health while using this trait, thus making it a more difficult trait to use for higher DPS).
  2. Consider reducing the damage of the ranged beam trait attacks, since on the final spin which produces 5 (or 6?) at close range hits extremely hard for a tank class, and reducing the general damage would be a tweak that doesn’t change the class to an extreme degree, while still reducing the damage output of the class in ideal situations. You could also consider reducing the number of beams that are produced from the final swing of the melee combo attack instead as well.
  3. In opposition to the first suggestion, since Galilea is extremely DoT/Lifesteal heavy, instead of using shields for a lot of her attacks, some of her attacks could take a certain percentage of health to activate, such as the corruption circle. Maybe make it so the circle costs about 50% of the hp you would normally get from a single enemy standing in the field for its entirety.

These are just suggestions I thought might be interesting to see and/or would provide a little more balance to the character overall.

I think she should lose the fact that she can attack at full run speed, and it actually makes her attacks faster. How about if shes standing still attacking, then she does a slash/slash/spin combo to wipe the lane, but if shes moving its just slashes. Its weird that her DPS should be so much better while moving, shes not a skirmisher. I want Boldur to get a spin too, he needs the lane clear more than any other Brawler.

Also a lot of people were saying her shield throw is hard to land, and i never realized how much they were exaggerating. It literally paints you a trajectory. That things a piece of cake as far as skill shots go.

im back from a week ban for speaking on the subject, so i need to be more careful, apparently. but yes, i agree. i have been playing somewhat high level fps competitive play for only about a year now, and i literally never missed the thing once. that was it for me. no more galilea. i used a white primary attack speed gear, and two greens that gave me attack speed as a secondary stat and went in. i could kill within the stun, and i literally had no clue what i was doing as i was opposed to the character being in the game as she is. i was playing solo against a premade with high command levels and great team composition and they knew how to play. no way i should have dropped a 4.0 when i had no clue how to build her. i literally just relied on the stun alone and was able to 1v1 any character in the game. sometimes i would be down to absolute, but i would just land the stun and kill them within the stun time.

literally never had a skill or something in a game that was more noob friendly than that character. no clue how anyone with any fps experience could miss that stun and/or not kill within the 2 seconds

As discussed, the character doesnt really have any ‘weakness’ but that helix does (even though the Helix alone does more damage than a lot of characters abilities) but shield penetration of any amount will disable it. BUT this doesnt stop the fact that she can burst down Minions/Objectives/Structures with incredible ease. Most people assume some tweaks are on the way at this point.

i honestly wasnt even speced for that never go in alone. i had no clue what i was doing with her other than the stun. i went to the bathroom thinking i had enough time to come back before character select, but when i returned i missed choosing my toon by one second. everyone i would have chosen was also already selected. so i decided it was a perfect time to see how much skill, or lack thereof it took to play her. i didnt even know really how to use desecrate or build it correctly. i literally just relied on just the stun and my primary attack. she really doesnt even need anything else to win 1v1’s if you have attack speed gear. just land the unmissable stun while close, then hold RT. Rip to everything but tanks

its bad enough her huge damage boost is at level THREE, and then again at level 5. a 35% attack speed boost? on a character whose primary sought attribute is attack speed? faster she attacks the faster she does her lethal energy burst spin that is stronger than most active attack skills. A helix that relies on corruption levels to give attack speed, and the faster she attacks she builds more corruption. Doesnt take long at all to cap it, and then you cant do anything to remove it. Not that it matters, instant max with ulti.

Or can you take corruption off of her? Doesnt it just wear off if shes not hitting anything ? Its a good thing shes melee oh wait…

TLDR: Corruption is ok as is; Range Projectiles can be fixed; Shield throw as a stun is ok, but could be tweaked

If you spec into The Pact at level 6, or Pitch Black at 10, getting Corruption back up isn’t a problem anyway.
So I’m assuming that her being able to have a high, sustainable Corruption is intended. In other words, in an ideal scenario, Galilea should be shot at range, not engaged in melee combat.

Keeping that in mind, Antihero is not meant to better increase your corruption. It’s meant as an attack speed buff to use at full corruption. I kind of expect it to be nerfed a little. Although it’s one of my favorite Helix Augments, I agree that it’s very powerful when compared to Attack Speed Gear.

Although my personal Dilemma is It’s Dangerous to go Alone. I never played without it and would hate to see it go. Especially Boss Fights really make this one shine.
A probable solution to preserve the overall usefulness, while reducing the efficiency as a range attack in PvP might be to reduce the number of extra projectiles at the final melee strike from 4 to 2 and give them a wider spread.
Like that, it would still be usable in PvE - including Bonus DPS on anything getting shotgunned by the additional projectiles. The projectile spread would just have to be wide enough to limit shotgunning capabilities to a close range.
(Meaning you shouldn’t be able to hit all projectiles on large characters, say Montana, when they’re more than 5m away from you.)

As for the projectile damage, I had more fun actually playing the game during the Beta, I didn’t really watch out for everything. So, if anyone could enlighten me: Do the projectiles get buffed by Attack Damage Gear?
If so, that might be another thing to fix. If you keep in mind Galilea’s Identity as a ‘Territorial’ ‘Brawler’, the projectiles should be limited to a fixed amount of damage per Level. They’re neat to have, but the main damage of this character should come from Attacks and Skills in Melee Range.

As for Shield Throw, I think it is legit as a stun, but should have its damage reduced. Since you can’t really remove this as a stun and most people are bothered by the fact other characters have more conditional stuns (Rath is an example), the most elegant way would actually be to halve the base damage, make the 2sec Stun into 2sec Slow, give the Skill a 200% CritDamage multiplier and replace Slow with Stun on Crit. (Meaning, you get 100dmg+2sec Slow on normal hit and 200dmg+2sec Stun on Crit)
But since this is rather complex, it might be easier to just reduce the overall Damage on Shield Throw to make it less deadly. I mean, if you handle the CC via Gear (or Reyna’s Therapeutic Booster), you have to worry a lit less if it just punches you for 100dmg instead of 200.

This turned out to be a longer post, than I expected…

while i agree that this should be the case with someone like OM, thorn, marquis, etc., what about the assassin characters that are only really supposed to be concerned about losing a 1v1 at melee range with another assassin? so they should have to run from someone that is supposed to be a territorial brawler? that doesn’t really make sense and is inconsistent with the mechanics and infrastructure of the game. someone like rath or phoebe should never see a character completely alone and have to run away. maybe thinking twice about approaching a tank alone is a different scenario, simply because it takes an hour to kill montana sometimes. but that is not the issue approaching the gali. the issue approaching the gali is that all she has to do is land just the stun. if you have even meh gear with attack speed on all 3 pieces you can kill any full health hero within the stun time, with the exception of tanks which just require a combo or 2 after the stun.

edit: [quote=“Sm0kerCrew, post:7, topic:1369359”]
the most elegant way would actually be to halve the base damage, make the 2sec Stun into 2sec Slow,

i should have read your whole post. apologies. i do think that this would solve most of the problems with gali. idk about the crit still giving a stun, but i would at least be willing to accept that as a huge step in the direction of skill. as of right now you simply cannot miss the shield throw unless you have a dog with you all the time, with black sunglasses, and a walking stick

I wasn’t really suggesting a melee character to run away from Galilea. Just stating the fact, that it might be easier to face her 2v1 with range firing support.
There are some characters that could definitely handle her one on one, on paper. The first that comes to mind is Mellka. She has ranged fire, DoT, stackable Regen, can close the gap between herself and the enemy and even has skills to retreat back from melee range.

As for Rath, idk maybe with the right timing and luck, you could use Catalytic Smash to mess with Shield Throw targeting. Considering the fact that you might want to disable her ranged projectiles as well, using Concussive Smash and Eviscerating Blade is a probable strategy. Shield Pen Crossblade at Range -> No more Projectiles, Conc Catalytic Smash -> Stun.
I guess you would have to sneak up on her to do that, but hey you’re an Assassin.

I didn’t play enough Phoebe to make any suggestions for her.

How often is one supposed to miss with a skill like that?
And I honestly didn’t notice other skills (Miko’s Cloud of Spores, for example) to be harder to land.
Careful targeting on a projectile skill should equal a guaranteed hit.
(AoE skills are another thing in that regard.)

Basically, she can use her Shield Throw once per Battle, since it’s a 2sec Stun with 19sec Cooldown. Unless you’re using Herald’s Return, which I wouldn’t do, since I find Vortex to be superior, even in PvE.

What I want to say is, it might be difficult to kill Galilea 1v1, but in a 5v5 game, I think it’s legit to attack 2v1. After all, you’re not able to prevent her from respawning anyway, so it comes down to an EXP-race you can’t allow her to win.

And let’s face it, she is a tank like Boldur and ISIC. The only reason, she doesn’t have the ‘Tank’ tag, is that her life leech mechanics don’t justify it.

(Everything in this post is from a subjective, theoretical standpoint and doesn’t account for game situation, skill, luck or anything else.)

a halfway competent gali player waits or baits for the smash before throwing the shield. i just have mounting frustration for galilea in general. even gbx themselves stated prior to the beta that gali was nuts. i think my frustration stems from some of the defenses that i have seen people try to mount on here, and i am not referring to yours. i think if they just said, “hey, she is overpowered, but she is in the game so i am going to use her” then my frustration would instantly subside. i can’t wait til tuesday to see if they nerfed her