Some game thoughts

Just playing a bit and BL3 really is a beautiful game with good gunplay. However, playing at M11 with one of the two Plasma Coils I managed to get out of Arms Race, it’s just silly. There’s almost no point in looting because virtually every other gun you might find is useless. There’s no point in opening chests for the same reason.

Having played for a while I did get to the point where world drops meant nothing. The GBX solution to that was to create a new problem, make the world drops vanish? Before you drop supporting this game, please consider some kind of reset to how you scale everything and make most or all guns at least somewhat relevant through the end game.

I enjoyed the prolific world drops as a new player. It was really fun trying all the odd weapons with various special effects. Now? Forget em.

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Quest items are useless in endgame but a lucky find during arms race will carry you through the game with 0 skill.

They need to put some effort into it and rescale everything properly to M10/11

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I mean, my Cold Bore Zane gets far more out of a Hellwalker than any Plasma Coil, but you do you.

(note: I’m not defending the current balance of the Hellwalker or the Plasma Coil. I’m just highlighting how silly it is to present any one weapon as a catch-all solution when the most common Legendary complaints is that lots of Legendaries have been buffed to the level of catch-all solutions)

Eh, the Plasma Coil is fine. It’s limited to dropping from Arms Race, which is probably the height of tedium in BL3, challenged only by the Guardian Takedown. Meaning you have to own the Designer’s Cut content, endure actually playing the mode long enough to get the item to drop, successfully extract it, and then still choose to equip and use it. There’s plenty of layers between starting a new game with a new character, and obliterating everything at endgame with a Plasma Coil.

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