Some great ideas

So after playing Borderlands 3 3 Place cruise I have come to several conclusions in mine time I have spent. My first conclusion is there should be a way to skip the cutscenes once you play through it one time. I personally am not a big fan of cutscenes I will watch them once then I will want to get to the intersection of the game afterwards. I also think that there should be more storage space for more guns more legendaries people are wanting to hold on too many many more items in a previous games. I also think that gearbox should allow you to deposit cash into the bank as well as guns I know I personally am getting tired of having to pay millions upon Millions for every death I occur something else that you could do I guess in place of the I believe 10% that it cost you to respond at the new you if say they have over 10 million in their bank and only a few hundred on the player takes a 5% from the bank because it’s a stored instead of the 10 just a thought. There’s several quality of life changes I feel that could happen to make it a little bit better. I also think that with it being such a fast game that’s I’ve come across where I’m having to switch characters to get a certain item I want out of their backpack another thing that gearbox could do is make it to where you could view inventory of other characters backpacks as well as full from the backpack itself in not able to get the current equipped items. These are just for little things that I thought could make a huge Improvement more of its just quality of life improvements what do you think immunity think about this? Anyone else have any ideas that might give a better quality of life or anything that could do better to help us play.

Some good ideas here yes, alot of the community wants at least the bank and cutscenes changed. Bank space is being looked at by Gearbox so hopefully they actually come up with something worthwhile not just an additional SDU or something.

I personally have a mighty list of improvements and additional features that I am compiling and will make my own thread once I feel it is ready. It is a very long list :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather than you both creating separate threads, could you please add your ideas here?

Yes, it’s a long thread. But it’s easier for the devs to monitor/search within that thread than multiple different ones. Ta muchly!