Some Guardian Rank bonus stats needs a major buff

As of right now, all bonus stats get same increment when you invest points to those.
Some however never worth investing, as amount you get from those are completely insignificant. Those need to be buffed big times:
FFYL duration - 10-13% increase you hardly will ever feel as different. Need to be about 5 times more to feel significant.

FFYL movement speed - even more so. having twice increased movement speed in FFYL might feel rewarding. But 10-13% is really nothing.

Reload speed. Likewise would feel meaningful if players can reach about 50% reload speed increase. With 10-13% you hardly will ever notice the difference.

Health/Shield increase, and shield delay/recharge - need to be about twice higher (to 20-25%). Those are defensive modifiers, so won’t really help you kill anything faster. But can help you stay alive if modifiers are high enough. Right now it worth investing only in DPS modifiers, just to kill everything faster.

Accuracy and recoil reduction - once again with 10-13% you hardly will ever feel any difference. On 93% gun accuracy that won’t get you even to 94% (100 * 1-(0.7/1.1) = 93,63%). And 94% still very low on sniper rifles. To get that increase from 93% to more reliable 97%, modifiers should be more like +80% to 120% (100 * 1-(0.07/2) = 96.5%. Recoil should be be be closer to 30-50% increase, to feel meaningful, as just overall simply can be felt as increased stat.

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Please no , just no

You suggestions would give way too much power creep over the long run.

What triggers me though is that these Guardian Rank stats are supposedly capped at 15%. This means Gearbox lied when they said it was an endless progression system.


How so? Ppl will still mostly invest in DPS ranks, even if those will give you 15% stat increase per rank. Simply because killing mobs faster ALWAYS more preferable. Where stats like “FFYL duration” so utterly meaningless that no one ever put any points at those.

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i agree on the FFYL ones. maybe double them at most. other ones no. 12% reload speed is quite noticeable imo.

I can agree that FFYL speed and duration could use a buff, and I definitely wouldn’t be against some increases here and there, but 50% reload speed and recoil reduction would outdo even a 5 point investment in the skill trees for each of those stats.

honestly guardian rank is so op with all those skill provide . And ffyl in bl3 is too easy , u can move ads is already big buff to previous game