Some guns are just useless even at lvl 72 Mayhem 11? - Weapon & Endgame Questions:

So guns like the hellwalker for instance and a few other select guns are just so much better than 99% of the other guns of their type. Will I ever find another shotgun thats viable at mayhem 11 beyond my level 72 Mayhem 10 hellwalker? It just feels like even if its at the same level and gun rating some guns just literally do nothing compared to others.

I’m a little disappointed with how you are pigeon-holed into using a few specific guns to do mayhem 10/11 content. It feels at odds with the gun system they built encouraging you to use all these randomized weapons. I guess certain builds can help here but some of these weapons like hellwalker just feel like they are in another class.

Do they ever update other guns to be better? Any hope other guns could become useful this late for the game?

Is there a reason to do lower mayhem levels once you are level 72? Would it just be for experience? I imagine all drops would all just be lesser than their mayhem 10 counterparts stats right?


Define ‘viable’ as a start, perhaps? Given that my ‘purple’ Amara (no legendaries at all, uses Phasecast ), does OK at M11, I think quite a few guns are viable there.

As far as shotguns: Lob, Robyn’s Call, Dakota, Insider, Iceburger, Fearmonger, Host (blue or purple… :slight_smile: ), Conference Call, Protuberance, Convergence, Bangstick, Kielbasa, Heartbreaker… I probably forgot quite a few.


Iceburger and conference call are garbage, I have no idea how you made them work.
Host is just a much worse protuberance.
Protuberance is god tier on hustler / eraser zane, but I have a bit of trouble making it work on other classes (didn’t try it on moze).
Convergence/kielbasas/bangsticks get outclassed by other stuff for what they do.

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I suggest you try out the redux mod. It’s much more balanced imo.

If new definition of ‘viable’ is "not outclassed by other guns’, then it follows that there is only one viable gun per weapon type (in any game), and may be per character? :slight_smile:

My definition of viable is : gets me through the map (and is actually fun to use).


For me I find the hellwalker totally useless–I hate the weapon (I basically dislike all jakobs weapons). it’s great for the clone on zane but when I use it I just find it tickles enemies. the only shotgun in the game I can kill an enemy with without emptying half of my ammo on MH 11 is the reflux. I was using a tiggs boom and fearmonger the other day and they just sucked. I’m sure various shotguns on different characters are better, but for me on zane, the hellwalker, butcher, heartbreaker, etc. might as well be white tediore shotguns. And for reference my skill points take me to the capstones on the blue and red trees and then as far down in the purple tree I could go (I think a tier above eraser) and I was using a re-volter shield and still those shotguns do nothing.


For me, on Fade Away Fl4k it pretty much deletes good chunks of a map when mobbing. I do have a decent COM (Bounty Hunter or Cosmic Stalker ?) with couple of nice Jakobs passives, so it probably helps.


and this is why gameplay feedback can not be any feedback, it has to be someone who knows the game. hellwalker will and does one shot hardened badasses and there is metric ton of shotguns that wreck on m11. if you are somehow talking about gun on the merit with no anoints and no skill points no artifact and class mod behind it then i don’t know.


don’t tell me what I do and do not know. all I said was for me when I play the gun didn’t do any damage.

Same here because I have equipped my characters around other types of weapons that I prefer.

That’s the same issue all the Borderlands games have. The community wants to have fun with their favorite gear at any difficulty, but the devs want to have some kind of tiering with some gear clearly better than others. I guess this is to encourage people to buy new DLCs and junk where the better gear drops? Maybe to force players to make “builds”?

I don’t know. But do you really have to play at Mayhem 10/11? I don’t know what we get out of it. I’d rather farm a little in Mayhem…7? 8? for the gear I actually like to use, then hop into a lower Mayhem Level, somewhere where they’ll actually be effective but still provide me a challenge/entertainment.

OHKOing enemies isn’t my idea of fun, I like the back and forth, running around screaming, yelling at my friend to get to da choppa, etc. But I also don’t like using my entire ammo reserve on a single Bandit. We have to find our own happy medium, and I think the Mayhem Levels are at least good for that.


guns are same for everyone mr.offended


Well, before the reintroduced weaponscaling pretty much anything would work with any half decent build…

Now you have godly legendaries, normal legendaries and trash legendaries… Everything else is pretty much trash.

On the other hand though… GBX did such a great job (sarcasm if you where wondering) with M2.0, you don’t really need any weapons… You can clear M10/11 with your action skills… (i personally only did it with flak, though it would be doable on any VH)

Oh and best shotgun probably is the TK’s wave (ok that’s enough sarcasm for today)

Though you might want to check out the butcher…


Actually, that reminds me of studdugie experiments with this gun (extreme accuracy build with Zane to group the pellets) those were a long time ago in M1 era and they were half successful. I am fairly sure his build would work now with the buff on this weapon. I ll have to dig that, the ultimate pleasure in this game is to make work guns that people call trash.

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I think that all weapons are useless when compared to Moze and certain build orders you can throw together with her. Why bother with any other character when you have a mech that murders absolutely everything with a nuclear holocaust?

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Yeah you’ll really need to pack those pellets together to make it work :sweat_smile:

There’s just so much better options then trying to make it work :wink:

I generally love jakobs, but this one i really just throw off a cliff.

It’s also not that much the damage wich is ok… The pellets are just hard to hit without being in their face all the time

TK’s is actually good. Got a shock one with 12 pellets and Fade Away 150% anoint, built around it using a Company Man with Jakobs accuracy +50%, and that thing is pin point accurate + it slaps. I never use the fire one cause Hellwalker, but Shockwave is definitely fun to use.

But I tend to farm a lot, or trade for perfect gear to try and make stuff viable so I guess my opinion might not be everyone’s favorite.


That’s different than not knowing anything about the game. Guns may have the same ultimate potential for each player, but their performance depends on a variety of factors–build, anointments, guardian rank, and most importantly, skill level of the player.

If a gun’s strengths lie more in getting critical hits but you have poor aim and are not good at getting crits, the gun may perform poorer for you than someone else–that does not in any way mean your knowledge of the game is less than the other person’s.

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Not to be negative or anything, but that’s exactly what it means. If you’re aim isn’t good and you don’t know where crit hits are and/or have bad aim, you’re understanding of the game is not as good as someone who does. Figuring how to make guns work means you know more than someone who doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have fun. Fun is subjective.

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Besides a lot of the ones mentioned the only shotty I had I loved was a sentinel Cryo anointed stagecoach that was X18 or 24 can’t remember at the moment. Very rare on my time on the game to find one decent though, I would just get to the last shell and when it would feed the first shell in you could hold the trigger and Zane’s reload speed you just hold the trigger and fire continuously on that first shell in as long as you wanted…