Some Helix options make no sense

So, here I want to discuss the sole existance of Helix upgrades that are bad on their own, and also usually are even worse because of their alternatives. I won’t be listing a lot of them here, just a couple as an example.

Lets begin with Kleese and his heal aura vs self-destruction. Who on earth would ever select self-destruction over the heal? And the damage! The damage is so low! 200-something! That’s nothing! I make more than that in day. This ability is extremely weak in it’s core, it triggers off the very unfortunate event - the death of the player, and it does virtyally nothing, it won’t even damage somebody for the full basic shield. And it’s proposed as an alternative to one of the best Kleese’s helix options ever. An awesome heal aura that get’s rid his ENTIRE team of any healing problems as long as Kleese is alive and around.

The another, less serious offender, would be Attikuses helix which allows him to reset his leap cooldown if he kills major enemy with it. Now, I would like to ask you a question: how many enemies have you ever killed with his leap? Pounce’s damage is so insignificant - it cannot even kill minor enemies in the campaign! This helix is simply a dead pick, because it’s around 99% you’ll simply never trigger it during the game, especially when you take into account how late in the tree it is. And to think about it, resetting the pounce cooldown on any kill, not just kill with pounce (maybe with limit once per 30 seconds or something), would make this helix actually a valid pick.

And the game is riddled with such useless, pointless helix choices that feel so insignificant that you can simply go ahead and add them as base qualities of the character, and replace their helix spot with something actually valuable.

Axe throw auto return vs. overshield on dash - axe is so easy to retrieve (and blows up when you get ult so can’t even auto return). Absolutely no reason not to choose overshield.

I completely agree with some of the helix tree options being useless.

As we play gbx will monitor helix choices through Shift. They’ve stated their goal is to look at helix options not chosen and try to tweak them so thre choices are truly balanced

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While I’ll agree not every Helix choice is good, I think you’re way overstating things. The vast majority of Helix options are good and have you make real choices. Only a few are poorly designed.

Some helix choices make no sense in PVE but make a lot of sense in PVP and vice versa. Some others, like Kleese’s you mentioned, are an absolute atrocity, totally irrelevant.

I wouldn’t sit waiting for GBX to change something, GBX is very notable for taking months to change stuff. Their Observation Phase is quite long, taking up to an year. Look at BL1. Then look at BL2. Then look at TPS. Hell, some BL2 bugs and exploits are still in-game even though they were reported very early on. GBX is one of my favourite companies but definetely and absolutely the worst at changing and fixing stuff.

I’m not saying there is that much of them, but there are plenty. Like +15% dmg to Orendi’s Nullify vs +15% damage to Orendi’s Shadowfire Pillar. Like what?

I feel like Ambra has one of the better helix breaks, between hyper boosting solar wind or giving your orbs more and more capabilities. Both can be valid options depending on how you play her but yeah I know what you mean. Wish they would split Attikus melee life steal helix away from the melee 60% damage bonus, he needs both. lol

That Attikus helix option you mentioned really is god aweful. Don’t know what they were thinking when they created it.

They’ve been pretty with the balance patches for this game in my experience during the open beta. They don’t want to go bringing out the nerf hammer too often, sometimes a character everyone thinks is OP really is fine and people just need to learn how to play against them. I think overall the helix is fine except for a few bad choices, so I don’t see why GBX should be in a rush to do anything about it.