Some help building a build aroud cloning ghast call with moze

Hi there.

Finally got a cloning ghast call droped for me , its realy good but i think not so good/overpowered that gearbox will nerf it soon. And i want to tailor a tanky and as much DPS as possible build around it.

This is the build im actualy using:

im considering using the Deathless artifact which reduces my hp to 1 OR use my very well rolled ( weapon and heavy weapon damage ) Fortified enhanced bloodletter and droping/removing Redistribution and maybe 1-2 points of cloud of lead and use these skillpoints for vampyr.

Downside is i got MoD “only” on lvl 3 , i have several good purple class mods with grenade damage and +2 MoD.

I got 75 guardian ranks in the blue survivor tree for sure , so i have all the shield bonuses.

Here are some pics of items i already own and im considering to use:

[Album] moze items

Thanks ^^

I just got it to drop for me last night too during a random proving ground session. It’s probably going to be really good for the maliwan takedown since there will be lots of mechs in there.

But you might could pair it up with a flesh melter relic to take advantage of the fact that the ghast call is corrosive. Along with any +grenade damage / +splash damage gear you can find

My only advice is that you test whether Vampyr does you any good. It heals you a percentage of your missing health based on how many enemies you hit with a single grenade. The numbers for health vs shields might not be enough for you