Some help! Infinity farming on xbox one not going so well

Me and my brother have been at this for days and we’re having no luck. We’re lvl65 and I’ve spent hours farming doctor mercy to not see a single infinity pistol. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Silly question, but did you turn in the final quest in that set of side quests yet?

The only other thing I can suggest is making sure you don’t kill him while he’s still on the stairs of his lair: his drop can get into some odd locations that are hard to see/reach, so it’s possible you may have just missed one or two.

Umm the quest for killing g doctor mercy? And I’ve never killed him on the stairs out of share paranoia of losing it.

You do Medical Mystery (collected from Dr. Zed), which has two parts. The first part, you kill Doc Mercy, and the second part, you test his e-tech blaster. If you’ve completed both parts, they should be in your list of completed quests.

Yes, yes I did that last night to get the crazed lunatics to stop spawning. Was that a fail?

No, but failing to complete both parts of the mission might be the reason you’re having a hard time getting an infinity to drop. You should get one on average one time in ten, although it’s possible to go longer between drops because statistics = sadistics.

OK so with them both complete it’s more of a chance for drops? Didn’t know!

Also any suggestions on master gee? He’s a real tuffy.

That is my suspicion. It’s how it seems to work with some of the other bosses that have quest reward items different to their assigned legendaries.

He’s not one I’ve tackled outside of TVHM. There are quite a few threads and YT videos on him, though. One thing you might want to do is check out the sub-category for your particular character and either look for tactics, or ask for advice. There are things that work for Maya, for example, that will necessarily be different for Axton or Salvador.

I’ve come close as zero, with the casual flacker/fiddle-Dee nukem combo… It’s just the stupid corrosive pool that gets me! But a farming I shall go! Thanks for the help!!!

Just as a follow-up, I got a corrosive infinity on the 6th try this afternoon. Now if only it wasn’t a level 70 version!