Some help with the definition of terms, please

If there is a glossary, somewhere, please point me at it and I apologise for posting. Otherwise, I’d like some help with the definitions of some of the terms in gear descriptions.

1 “Healing Received”. Is this only healing received from another character? It could include healing from power ups or healing from the character’s skill or their Passive, like Thorn.

2 “Heal Power”. Does it only affect characters who can actively heal others, like Miko? It could also apply to any self-healing abilities.

3 “…after killing a major enemy”. Is there a definition or list of “major enemies”?

4 “Melee Hit”. Is this only a hit from the default melee attack (triggered by Mouse-3, on PC; don’t know on consoles)? Or does it include the primary attack of melee characters, like Galilea or Rath.

I have gear cluttering up my bank that I’m reluctant to sell until I know exactly what it does :slight_smile: Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers.

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  1. Healing Received (in the scores, NOT gear) counts for:
    -other chars heal you
    -you heal yourself (Rath Syphon Skill, Orendi LIfeleech, ect)
    -You get overshields from others
    -You give overshield to yourself (Reyna only)
    Counts for active & passive skills as far I experienced it.

  2. Heal Power should increase your own selfheal abilities as well. Cannot confirm it completely though.

  3. Oh a list would be really good… Just can say following count as major:
    -Viel Walker
    -MX Bulwark
    -MX Elite
    -MX Ronin (not 100% sure)
    -Sentry Units
    -Thrall Bonecrusher
    -Thrall Beastmaster
    -Thrall Enforcer
    -Thrall Ascendent

-Melee hit should count for all melee attacks, no matter if its a characters offhand-attack or Rath´s ULT. (Can only say that melee-hit-gear made my Orendis melees stronger, so I guess it counts for all melee/non-weapon attacks)

Hope that helps! :heart:

If someone spies an mistake don´t hesitate to correct me!

Only mistake I can see is that Overshields aren’t affected by Healing Received/Heal Power items. I know because I tested it out, and saw no change in the Overshield numbers when using those items.

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Nooooo I ment that given/received Overshield is counted as “healing received” in the scores after a match^^
I´ll change my prior post so its clear I´m not talking about gear abilities :slight_smile:
It would be rather OP if you could boost them with healing gear - good to know you tied it already!