Some ideas about customization

Well, I wanted to thank you for the great title that is Borderlands 3, and comment on some ideas that perhaps more people missed about personalization in general, the work done on the skins of weapons and Halloween heads is really fantastic, But, I would like to see skins that change the entire model of the character as there was already in Borderlands 2, and I would like to say that I would love it if in future updates of the game you would implement some kind of extra customization for your room, we all know that it is not a place that we visit for a long time, normally you go and take some weapon from the warehouse or change some weapon of the wall display and continue your adventures throughout the galaxy, but it would be great to be able to return after a few hours of doing missions and loot to a place that you recognize as your character’s house, something personal and to your liking, that’s why it would be good for example to implement an eridium store with objects more than dedicated only to your room, such as bed models, safe, different working table, being able to hang more ornaments and in different places, such as lamps and carpets, or directly having several predefined styles for sale, such as a room style Classic, or futuristic, Renaissance, something of that style you already understand me, to provide a significant variety and to feel more in your home.
I think it is an idea that is not only mine and surely more people think the same as me, it would be great to have something like that, I think it is the only thing the game needs to be the perfect successor to one of my video games favorites as is the 2

Well, I think I have extended much more than I expected, I want to thank you all for this great game that you have done.
Borderlands is one of my favorite games sagas, and even though I know I’m asking a lot, I would like you to consider it for future updates, thanks for reading, greetings