Some ideas after 80 hours of play

Hi all,

I’ve been playing BL3 pretty hard the past few weeks, and started keeping a list of things I would change or add. I’m finding the end-game gear hunting and missions aren’t as engaging as I found them in the past games, mostly due to some interface and design choices that I’m not fond of. Love the game in general though, hoping that end-game content gets bulked up so I can spend as much time in this game as I have in BL2.

Borderlands stuff

Coop challenges - make it through a mission in certain time, killing all enemies, killing less than X enemies, no deaths, etc. Can have restrictions like only 1-2 weapons, only gear from specific manufacturers, etc. Add optional objectives as players progress to help scale difficulty to match players.

Loadout saving and quick swapping - especially in Mayhem 3, if I have an elemental damage build but the rules switch to favor cries, I want to flip a switch, not redo the whole load out.

Better bank access - offer a “mail” service to have the loot bot or post office send gear to player’s bank. Make bank unlimited in size, with better sorting to match challenge requirements for easy gear picking. Mayhem 3 means that in many cases whole classes of guns or elemental effects are enhanced or debuffed, so 50 isn’t enough slots to have all the gear we need for loadouts.

Loot bot - follows players and scoops up everything. Can be called by any player and looted like a chest, based on group loot rules. Can also pick up ammo and open bootable chests with upgrades. Requires Eridium as fuel.

Better inventory - Why can’t I compare all shotguns, pick the stats I want to sort on, or keep my sorting preferences across menus? The size of the menu, the seemingly arbitrary ranking scores, and lack of list/grid view makes comparing items a chore.

Matchmaking - make network options visible on game start. Add an “invite to my session” option to gather players who want to join a public game when I’m playing. Don’t join games where the host is idle. Allow playing multiplayer without changing my single player mission progression.

Matched Set - have gear that works with teammates, like shared Atlas dart tracking with extended time, or Torgue gyro get speed, etc. Basically, create ways that teams can coordinate and be much more effective than 4 random lone wolves.

Customizable HUD - I’d like to see all my ammo counts, maybe even gear stats, in the HUD (ex. When looking at new items). The view from first person on new items is also weirdly zoomed, I have to stand back to see the text and it’s a pain if I’m running through an area to stop and wiggle my view to be able to read the UI.

Voice chat - Allow us to rebind the key, why isn’t this in the Controls to be remapped?

Torgue - have button to set off stuck gyros separate from the reload key, having to reload to detonate makes Moze’s best skills much less effective.

Map - On PC, the map zooms and scrolls way too slowly, we don’t need analog zoom on the map to that granularity. Also, when zoomed out, any icons within short radius of the travel point should allow travel, we shouldn’t have to hunt with the mouse for the little globe precisely. It would also be good to have a “Lock North” orientation or at least a key to show the map with north being up, it’s a major pain to look at a map on a walkthrough and then have to rotate my map to match that alignment. Also, if I have the challenges or zone progress sidebars open, I can’t fast travel on the map until I go back to the Fast Travel tab.

Manufacturer Wars - Have players refuse to use certain brands, and get loyalty benefits from other brands. Stats buffs that players need to plan for, but that can stack a powerful load out. Sales of gear (and especially enemy gear) goes back to HQ, maybe for a global totals competition between brands?

Personal digistructer - replace the backpack entirely with a plans directory. Pick up every gun by default, it becomes a plan in the scanner. Player can then select from the best plans as their load out. Require energy and/or cool down to use, like maybe 25% shields per weapon swap. Optional quick draw allows instant weapon switching for an additional cost.

Eridian Combinator - Allow combining multiple items to get stronger ones, or reduce items to components that can add specific attributes to another piece. Powered by Eridian shards. This could help address getting legendaries with an unwanted elemental attribute, or stacking specific buffs on an item to max a chosen attribute.