Some ideas for countering ********** incursion premades

Let me just open up by saying that I hate incursion. Most braindead gamemode in existence dominated by tryhard premades, cc-chaining and camping characters. Here are some of the characters and strats that I find most obnoxious, with some ideas on how you can make the gamemode less cheesy and annoying for yourself (though you will still lose, because matchmaking):

Obnoxious Incursion Strat Number 1:
Ernest being a talentless, motionless, camping little ■■■■■ spamming eggs behind walls and at the top of staircases, buffing his teammates’ dps to obviously OP levels and rendering the game nearly impossible to win.

Oscar Mike

Oh my God I have played nothing but OM lately in incursion. His dps is trash but he can take out Ernest eggs with one napalm grenade (!) which he can activate from range and use invis to get there safely behind their team’s wall of death. Unlike all other stealth characters, who are melee, OM is farrrr less likely to get roflstomped by Ernest’s team or the egg’s defense mode which can have slow and AOE damage pulses.

With cooldown gear I estimate that on average, an enemy Ernest can have their egg up for around 3-4 seconds before it gets hit by my napalm grenade (or gun, if a bad angle). As soon as I see that red AOE I am invis and ready for deployment. Boom there goes your team’s 30+% dps buff. It gets more beautiful with airstrike, though that is just icing on the cake. Exactly the same points here apply to Kleese/Ambra, though they don’t annoy me anywhere near as much as Ernest.

Obnoxious Incursion Strat Number 2:
Miko being a high-skill-hold-L2-buttbuddy with anyone, but of course it’s a Galilea.


Because perma wound at lvl 5. Triple-flak Whiskey is also OK, but less noticeable. It also seems that Beatrix will be BAE, s00n.

Obnoxious Incursion Strat Number 3:
A very creative Bob the Builder + voxis core Orendi player spamming shock turrets to rapidly reach the insta-win button.

Any stealth character (Oscar Mike gets a double-wammy!)

Destroy shock turret whenever. Watch the cooldown on it and stealth to it and spam the build button the moment it comes off cooldown. It will be destroyed immediately, but that doesn’t matter. It now returns to cooldown without your favourite enemy getting xp. Rinse and repeat. This way is better than the don’t-destroy-shock-turret-until-a-push method, because the enemy team won’t constantly have a shock turret up shredding your minions.

Obnoxious Incursion Strat Number 4:


Theoretically Reyna’s cleanser could be good but I have never experienced it first hand and it’s probably too late in the game to matter. The overshield can help your teammate survive the onslaught, though. Alani likewise with burst heal +30% DR buff.

Otherwise the surrender button is probably the best counter.

Obnoxious (all gamemodes) Strat Number 5:
Hawkeye build Benedict

Reyna (Reyna gets a double-wammy!)

Overshield to tank and/or cleanse hawkeye cc. Bubble ult to negate all rocket damage. Priority homings or slows. Beauuuuutifulll.

What other things annoy people in incursion? What are the possible counters?


Territorial support camp comps are countered by Ambra ironically. Her Ult will take out several clustered deployables at once and force everyone away from where ever they set up camp.


As for 2, lots of wound characters pwn the pocket Miko dealie surprisingly well, not just ISIC, but yeh lack of wound can make for a bad time against a tank healer combo. Bene can be handled with a comp with enough range but gets to have a field day if the team’s melee heavy. Even just a single Marquis or a Ghalt can give him pause.

Kelvin is great at busting all these up. He can’t in and of himself out-cheese a pocketed Gali, though he can setup a team-gank on her and the squishy healer. He redraws the map as to what’s considered “overextended” for the enemy. He has team stun at lvl 1, he can srsly ■■■■ up Orendi’s day on account of her being just… sooooo squishy and also fitting inside his mouth (seriously, Iunno how most other Kelvin/Orendi players feel but it seems to me like a bloody firm counter). Same deal with Bene and Ernest, especially when you get the speed amp on your sub.

The only comp related thing that actually bothers me at all in this game right now is Gali. She is ■■■■■■■ boring to play against. Just… So goddamn boring. Very little skill required to be an unstoppable wrecking ball with her, especially if pocketed, especially with certain legendaries, and if the enemy doesn’t have multiple hard CCs, perfect coordination, a Gali of their own, or the willpower to sit through yet another 30min match dealing with this stupid walking cheese-spread, she’ll pretty much only die when she chooses to. If I think the enemy team might run a Gali, or if I see someone on the other team who only seems to go Gali, I’ll usually roll a ubercheese legendary on Kelvin that a friend and I saw recently and immediately recognized as completely broken. It’s just to try to balance it without having to play her and even then it doesn’t necessarily work that great against her. I used to just go Gali in response but it just feels so wrong and if they didn’t pick Gali it tends to create immediate, unfun, curbstompy imbalance. I’ll still play her on the rare occasion, usually in Capture w/o a pocket as I find she’s less broken there than she is in other modes. If I use her in Incursion and don’t see chain-stun on the other team, stopping her is rough.

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Rath can help with this to an extent. When they start focusing someone disrupt them all with a well placed Catalytic Smash. It saves the teammate getting focused by not letting everyone attack that teammate. Then because of the silence, they can’t use their skills to chain CC.


<3 me dem Rath saves/initiations.

And that’s why she’s in most matches. She both encourages and cleans out holdings like that. And my number one rule of game balance is to never let a character counter themselves. That failure is why she’s meta. Ernest also does this is a bit


As a new player, I greatly appreciate this thread


Yesterday, I finally got back to playing Reyna again just to try her cleanse. While the biggest issue is leveling her in order for her to use that mutation. It does work. But it is not easy to always pull off. One for example is being patient with what to cleanse. Do you cleanse Gali shield throw? Or the desecration field? S&A stun or kelvins? I had to make difficult decisions when facing these Chain Stun teams that it just isnt a fast enough counter because of the amount of 2 sec stuns the teams can chain together.

Sure it is great, when you are not facing a full team of Stuns. Be on the lookout for more Reyna players this weekend.

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Also Reyna, gauntlet splash damage needs a big boost like KU or Benny rocket splash


Reyna is a good bene counter. Lots of hate go towards bene in these forums but a good Reyna will shut him down with ease. Thing is, you don’t know what the enemy team will pick so hopefully drafting will help with this

With Reyna, with enough cool down you don’t have to worry so much about “saving” your overshield skill but it’s pretty easy to read opponents and know when something is coming. If you see a tank getting CC chained, it’s probably better to ult bubble everyone away than use an overshield

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some people just can’t handle Incursion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The premades that I hate going up against favor meltdown, where it’s way easier to divide and conquer disorganized randoms. At least with Incursion everyone is focused on one lane most of the time and if you’re a support it’s a lot easier to try to manage people.

I think the Galilea hate is overhyped. I play Gal a fair amount because it’s the closest thing to a tank I can competently play. And I almost always play her when I don’t feel like I will have decent support (eg a pocket Miko) and gear for dmg red and health regen. It doesn’t generally bother me going up against a Gal on the other team unless it’s a very unbalanced premade situation where a Boldur, a good Montana, etc. would accomplish more or less the same thing.

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Incursion more about a balanced team who knows their role more than specific counters, but I totally get the idea.

I like:

  1. A Pusher who knows to smash the Shepards FIRST
  2. A Stealth who sneak attacks buildables, and anyone character who’s tends to perch themselves somewhere (Toby, Ernest, Marquis)
  3. Someone who can soak up damage and solo double thralls ( Montana is great for this IMO, especially with the right gear )
  4. A healer who heals! Hahaha, but seriously this is big. Can’t tell you how many people ( even vets ) who I catch chasing enemies with low health instead of keeping everyone else alive.
  5. I prefer a heavy hitter or support with debuffs. Reyna and Ambra are great because they can both heal, they both have AoE Push Backs, and have target damage buffs.
    Nothing like dropping a sentry shield and blasting it with Sunspot ( +16% damage for 4 seconds, 21 with Bola’s Target finder, hehehe ), or Priority Target (116% damage for 6 seconds, 132% with Helix, and 5% more with Bola’s again, muh hahahahah! )

If you have balance, the team will be so busy killing your minions and thralls who are getting through they won’t have time to do their thing. With no turrets or stations to retreat to they’ll get pinned behind their sentry and watch it melt away.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. As someone else mentioned it’s hard to plan counters when you don’t know what the team will choose, but it’s not too hard to make a balanced team, even with randoms.

Pick a stealth character vs a character that self reveals and also hits holy batshit hard.

Only thing is all those chars would be on the same team and you’d have a hoge poge of heros that don’t do ■■■■ together well.

******** is entirely untrue and an upsetting term BUT randoms need to stop getting Thralls and stay in lane. (Unless you are feeding)

Flanking until minions are pushed back or a player is out for a long respawn is a much better idea.
THEN get thralls IF there is sufficient time.

This will make for way less stomps, even against premades.

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The best way to counter a full premade is to bring another premade group or a team of skilled pug members.

If you don’t like Incursion then simply don’t play it. There’s no need to badmouth the most popular mode in this game That action can bring disrespectful responses and end up closing this thread ( there has already been a few cases towards such threads)

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Ghalt is the solution to almost all of those problems. As far as the orendi powerbuild goes, don’t destroy shock turret unless your entire team is going to make a push at once. The orendi powerbuild only works if you let it.

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The best counter against a well-built, coordinated team is a well-built and coordinated team.

Try as you might, it straight up isn’t feasible to lead your team of randoms who refuse to communicate or pick characters that suit the team’s needs to victory.

You can keep Ernest’s egg from being up for more than 4 seconds, sure. You keep Orendi from powerleveling, absolutely. You keep even CC cleanse or CC interrupt your way against CC chain teams. You can’t, however, expect your teammates to actually push up when it’s time to push up. It’s more likely they’ll try to backdoor, chase kills, or grab Thralls when they need to be in the lane, defending minions and attacking the sentry.

Also, full teams of people where no-one will listen to you are bad as well. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a 5-man where nobody is interested in cooperating.


Stealth VS Orendi is not a good idea, I love revealing stealth characters who think they are safe. I want the enemy to kill buildings it means I can power level to lvl 10 faster. Turrets are win/win for orendi. Frankly there are way better counters to Orendi than take a stealth character.