Some ideas for WF buff

Besides damage output, he needs some buffs for his early game. Some ideas are

-Scrap cannon should stun or slow. The pushback just isnt enough.

  • Reload speeds and skill animations take way to long.

  • If they dont want to give more damage to primary, maybe give a double damage output to his melee. This since they ask for lots of kills on his lore.

What other ideas do you guys have?

Stun? Really? no. Slow i can be for
Skill aminiotion is just as long as eveyone elses apart from his ult and he reload is only slighty longer than mikes.
His primany does more dps than mikes granted its only by 1 however wf has longer reload this also includes mikes passive not wf though.
He not a melee character so buff his melee would be pointless.
I dont think he needs a buff are they even giving him one?
If they are it should be an auto burst gun that way attack speed gear and his lengendary will have some effect.
Reduced time to load his ult and if we used ult without firing main gun dont make it reload after the ult as finished.

It’d be great if WF got a buff. Here’s what would be nice IMO:

  • Bigger AoE for stickies/napalm after effect (seeing as it doesn’t do as much damage as Mike’s)
  • Slightly faster animations
  • Some type of CC effect on scrap cannon
  • A buff for his ult… Maybe, reduced recoil?

It’s been mentioned before, but i love the idea of either bleed or wound for his scrap cannon

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His red dot sight could use more accuracy, but other than that I don’t think he needs retooling.

My issue is that at the moment it doesn’t fit as either a utility skill or a damage skill in it’s base form. You can helix upgrade to give it more utilty (flak off and flackback) or extra damage (shield scrapper, swiss cheese, and scrap bank). I’m yet to come across another BB’s skill that isn’t useful at level 1, i.e. does more damage/dps or has some effective utility over base attack. Other characters get decent skills that get augmented and improved with helix choices, WF get’s a relatively useless skill that NEEDS helix choices to make it decent. I’d much rather see it have more utility than damage personally, even if it only had the flack off push back as a base trait. It’s damage output is already inconsistent with the spread + small and fast targets so I don’t think buffing it’s damage however slightly would be very helpful. I actually had a similar discussion on the open beta forum that JoeKGBX weighed in on

As he said, this was just his personal opinion on it though, not an official statement on what the scrap cannon should be used for. I’d like to see it given a tad more utility.

EDIT: I was also much harsher in my judgement of WF’s kit back then lol :sweat_smile:

The same ideas I post in every thread.

  • Scrap Cannon needs to be instantaneous instead of on a delay

  • Minor CD reduction for Scrap Cannon

  • Minor damage increase for Scrap Cannon

  • Shield Scrapper needs to either be +100-150% Shield damage for Scrap Cannon or be redesigned completely. If you’re using it to initiate (which is when you’re most likely to be facing shields), it’s likely that many of the pellets will miss the target.

  • MIRV needs a damage buff or a sticky-count increase (which by extension would also be a larger net damage gain than Triple Threat)

  • MIRV needs to split the projectiles from the moment they fire, not a second afterwards

  • Overdrive shouldn’t lock out Scrap Cannon or his Sticky

  • Overdrive should provide a 100% recoil reduction for each bullet

  • Reduced Overdrive ending delay

  • Swiss Cheese (damage amp for rifle damage + reveal) needs to apply damage amplification for all sources of damage, himself and allies

  • Small duration increase for Swiss Cheese

  • Shots-per-burst helix should also increase magazine size to 40

He already has a slow helix on his sticky.
Scrap Cannon is supplemental firepower, not a kill-securing tool.

His damage output is fine.
On a scale of 1-10 with 5 being fine, it’s at like a 4.7.

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It doesn’t lock out Stickies.

The animation can be canceld by going into Scrap Cannon after Ulting.

Is this a recent change?
I could’ve sworn it locked out stickies as well.

The natural delay shouldn’t be so long in the first place.
It’s like 5 seconds.

To be fair, regarding this I can kinda see where you are coming from. The logn animation doesn’t really bug me personally however.

Been able to use it since I unlocked him (never got to play as him in the beta, might be changed during the preriod from beta to release).

As said before by me: his ult animations need to be reduced, also I would like to be able to fire ALL the rounds whenever, instead of just a timer forcing me to lose the last few (which if it’s below 10, I just fire off anywhere to avoid getting jumped on during the ending animation.) I activate the ult for a good amount of DPS if we’re pushing to support my team, but sometimes it ends right before I get to kill an enemy and then a teammate saves them and destroys me.

I’d say no for the instantaneous, although i can see why you’d like it. Because it’s a bit tough to aim, it’s good to have a moment to aim it properly and try to hit with as many pellets as possible You can either just hit the button twice, or hit the button and then press fire, so it’s not like you can’t just aim and shoot quickly.

I agree on basically everything else.

I feel like his 3-shot scrap cannon needs to function like Toby’s Jump charges though. Each charge should just have an individual cooldown, and if you fire all 3 charges it should show the cooldown from his first shot, which should have already ticked a few seconds. Currently it’s annoying that I can fire 2 charges, wait a minute, and if I fire the third charge it goes on cooldown for the full duration.