Some issues I have with Battleborn

I love the game but there are some things that are lessening my enjoyment.

1 - Campaign missions, I don’t like being able to fail missions. Such as, “the experiment”. That mission drives me a little bonkers because those main two nodes never get more health. I’d be more ok with being able to fail it, if it somehow received more health. Then there are a couple other failable missions. Kinda just stresses me out and makes me very particular during mission matchmaking.

2 - No drop in/drop out co-op.

3 - no casual PvE drop in/drop out mode. Sometimes you just want to go shoot a bunch of Ai without major missions to worry about. Borderlands gave you the option to just wander anywhere and shoot stuff. Destiny has a patrol mode.

All of that makes it harder to just experiment with all the characters. I end up picking from what I know when I am more afraid of failing the mission or match.

Some missions can be exceptionally hard at the start yea, but they’re all very doable once you know what you need to do.

As for the experiment: buildables. Get every single thumper turret you can get, get every flash trap (good against ronin bots) you can get. Make a cheap loadout with a shard generator and you should be good to go.

The archive is an excellent mission for just shooting stuff. At the point where you need to guide minions, just don’t and let them die. The enemies spawn endlessly at this point in the missions and you can run around killing things until the server timer runs out (which is a total of 2 hours).

Things will get a lot easier as you gain more experience with the missions. I’ve solo’d every single mission in the game (except advanced saboteur/heliophage) with Reyna, so it is doable. It just takes a little time.

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That’s good to know. It certainly doesn’t solve my complaints. But it’s useful. I’ll try that on the experiment. I have a cheap buildables + cheap free shards build that I use a LOT. If I had the turrets up all the time from the start of the experiment mission I suppose that would help a lot. The mission design though could use some tweaking. It could have stood to get a health boost before each wave or at least every set of waves. It’s a little rediculous.

Some missions really are unfair if you go in blind, I agree. Some of them could and should use some tweaks, though it’s always easier said than done.

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I also did all the missions solo normal and advanced before I tried playing with other people online (I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s run by not knowing it). It took me two weeks of trying before I had memorized enough of the shard spawns and minion waves…I promise though…when I finally beat it. Felt soooooo good! So when I had the same issues with sab and helio later it didn’t suck as bad because I already knew I could do it! One of my biggest problems is the no offline play…so if the psn goes down OR my net goes down OR the battleborn server is wonky…I’m just screwed huh? Right back to borderlands the pre sequal?! Let’s get something in the works for offline play and please PLEASE fix split screen…who needs a third of my 55 inch tv for the maps and boss health bars?!

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grenade nerfs on certain matches will happen soon. as well i feel that the thrall minions deal too much damage to defense mission adjectives.


If they don’t make it all online hacking could occur, so that they store it all on server. They are working on splitscreen.