Some issues I've found

First I would like to say what an awesome game it is.

I’m writing to ask about some small issues and to find when they might have an update available?

The driving is slow to respond and hard to control for the xbox version. Also controls should have more options to change the control systems for driving.

I’ve found a lack of ammo when fighting bosses - each boss is a bullet sponge. I feel that more ammo is a must.
Even after upgrading the ammo stores for each weapon.

Loading issues have also been happening regularly, the MENU options take up to 5 seconds to open or take time to respond to weapon changes.

When shooting from above enemies, the bullets will hit the edge of the wall or rail even when standing over the top of the wall.
When behind cover once you stand the same thing happens.

Last thing: when using my special power up it seems to take time to fire my weapons once inside my mechanic Walker as moze

Thanks for your time and help

Michael Strutt
Xbox one

There’s a day 30 patch due, but as to what it’ll address is completely unknown. The issues you have mentioned may get addressed but they may not, there’s a range of issues and hopefully they can catch most, if not all, but it’s unlikely.