Some issues that I've encountered

I hopped into a game with my wife (she was hosting). Her character is significantly below mine, toward the beginning of the game, but I figured everything would scale properly. Some of these I’m not certain if they’re actual issues, but some seems to be.

  • Enemies that I faced were scaled one to two levels above me
  • When I returned to my game, Promethea and Athenas weren’t possible to be traveled to via Fast Travel, yet the “Follow Ava” quest prompt remained. I had to travel to Athenas via the Galaxy Map, then go down in the drop pod again. Promethea still hasn’t shown up again.
    UPDATE: Promethea and Athenas show up on my Galaxy map, and I can view all the areas I’ve been to, but Fast Travel stations aren’t available, or marked as “discovered” anymore.
  • Sometimes items in my inventory won’t be visible, but will show up again when I switch out weapons.
  • Fast Travel stations aren’t cataloging properly. Prime example being on Athenas; I have the Fast Travel for the Drop Pod, but not for The Anchorhold - despite it being a Fast Travel station.
  • (Pre-existing from the Co-op Ordeal) When switching to Classic control scheme, weapons are still labeled as “1,2,3,4” rather than the specific D-Pad location.

I’ve also noticed here and there that lines of dialogue and instances recycle. Every time I passed a certain arch on Pandora, Vaughn would tell me about how he hated the Calypso twins for taking his clan. Then when I was running through Athenas, after finding the Anchorhold and recruiting Maya and Ava, Maya joined me for a fight in the second courtyard. She even told me about the “bells of peace” again.

This is not uncommon. Higher tier enemies (badass, super badass) will be up to two levels above you. There should be a range of levels on the enemies.

IIRC this particular FT is a one-way station (typically a yellow-orange colour rather than the standard pale blue) so I wouldn’t expect it to be available via another FT station or the map. But the other stuff - yeah, it’s a bit weird and seems buggy.

Do you see anything in the spot they should be? I have an issue with the bank where sometimes I’ll just see the “loading” symbol in several spots. My guess is this happens because the game uses the 3D models to render the items (with lighting and shadows) for the inventory screens, so if it lags out there’s nothing to display.

Well, the odd thing is that it was just regular enemies. Skags and bandits. They didn’t give me much trouble, but the level thing seemed odd. Still, probably intentional as there were two of us.

With the FT for Anchorhold, that makes sense. A bit odd, but it makes sense. For the others I’m having to manually travel to the planets and “re-find” all the FT stations. It’s vexing.

With the inventory screen, it appeared to be empty of found loot, but as soon as I’d swap out a Sniper Rifle for a Rocket Launcher, everything loaded in just fine. It’s like there was a lag on loot that I had gathered while gaming with my wife.

Brief aside, but I also miss the idle chat. It doesn’t seem like a bug, but standing around for 15 minutes and Moze isn’t complaining about being bored like in past games.