Some issues with Bb I wanted to adress

Decided that it was best to finally voice my gripes with the game.
I’m useally not one for many words, so it may come across as a bit blunt. Some things listed here I already hammered on. But I figured it would be the best to list it here aswel to keep things organised.

If it is posted in the wrong subforum, mods are free to move it where it is more apropiate.

-Current state of the microtransactions:
While it is known since release (if not before) that they would become a thing, It’s certainely not handled like some F2P games do, there’s no way of gaining Platinum by in game means, only by spending real money. Which is on top of the price of 65 to 85 euro’s (depending on version andi f you have the season pass or not). For tier 3 skins I’m willing to kinda let it slide, but for tier 2 I simply cannot. Tier 2 skins are in the game since the beta, and the bots are free to use them to their hearts content.

Recently, I brought up another 60 euro title (well, on release) and how it handled aditional content:

-Always online:
This is a double edged sword. I can see why it is done, but I do fear for my progress if something happens to the server, or when it (theoretically) closes down. Also, this tends to cause lag in PvE, while solo, and even disconnects which has happend a few times before. I really hope your progress gets stored locally someday, but if it will happen remains to be seen.

-Font size:
A toggle to make the font larger would be a welcome addition. Sitting 3+ meters away from the TV and the text is the number one source for eyestrain, which doesn’t happen in other games.

Ops DLC (in this case Thrall Rebellion specifically):

(Adding to the point about the colourfilter, is that it hampers perception, atleast to some degree. Making it toggleable would make both parties happy).
This is admitedly a case of YMMV, but here’s is my quote about the DLC when it was just released. While my complaint about the flair in this DLC can be ignored, I stil feel that it is too short, contradicting the Helix system (sine you most likely wont reach lvl10). Though, to be fair, maybe i’m missing something.

-Patching the game:
I really appreciate the continous support from GBX to improve on the game. But on the other hand, everytime a new patch is made, I cannot shake the feeling of “what will break this time?”.
I’m not here to say to GBX that they are bad at their job, but it is something I wanted to voice either way.

Current final point I want to bring up; character balancing:
I’m not sure what’s going on, but sometimes rebalancing characters really goes out of whack.
For instance, the recent changes to El Dragon. I don’t have experience as this guy, but currently he can’t take much.
There are probably a few more characters that are UP or OP, but my experience is limited to only 5 or so on the roster that got recent changes to make them in line with the rest.

Here’s a good post on remedying over-nerfing/buffing, so characters potentially stay viable without, again, getting out of whack one way or another:

Maybe that there are point to be added in the future. More I want to voice my opinion on.
Dispite my problems, my 2 month absense from the game due to one of them, and that I’m unwilling to play the PvP side of things, I can’t let go of the game. It’s unique, with excellent character designs, lovely atmosphere and great humor.

Hopefully, this post isn’t demeaning towards the devs, I know they mean well.


It seems to me that characters often have multiple changes implemented at once. I’d personally prefer to see incremental tweaks of only one or two things at a time. The Benedict thing was a good example of too many changes run amuck.


For micro transactions it’s up to 2K. Not necessarily Gearbox. 2K wanted this system for their own particular reasons, which I will not be commenting on.
Yeah, I’m hoping online is changed if the servers ever turn off
For sure this is a problem.
Joe has said they were taking our Noir filter frustration into account, as they hadn’t forseen it being a problem. And I’ve never not hit level 10, so maybe it’s just because I get all the chests (with more people the extra enemies balance not being able to get all the powerups).
I completely understand this complaint. Apparently they can’t do everything in hot fixes though, and the patch verification process is quite expensive. Same thing for balancing, that’s why they go more all out


This has always been the deal killer for me. As I’ve said before, the day they patch in offline PvE is the day I buy the game. I really hope they consider it.

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Which turns out more expensive in the long run if you overdo the balance changes and need to revert them. So yes, not an easy choice to make. I will admit though that, as I scientist, I am highly biased towards single control of variable testing.


It’s no secret that they’'ve been meddling. A bit too much.

Iirc, atleast on the PS4, Sony removed the patching fee.

I’m probably missing something in this regard. Playing solo might be a factor into it.

I should’ve mentioned this in the OP, which I might edit in. Making it toggleable would be nice, to keep both parties happy.

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My 4 secrets to getting to lvl 10.

  1. Do not destroy warp anchors until all the Thralls it would have spawned actually spawn because the XP you would have gotten from killing those Thralls will not be available to you.
  2. Don’t have Attikus kill anything because he is taking the XP you would have gained from the kill.
  3. Be careful in how you loot. Let’s say you are currently at lvl 2 and are a few kills away from leveling up. If you loot a chest that has a level up in it and immediately pick it up you just zeroed out all the XP you had gained leading up to level 3. It’s better to go get the kills you need to get to lvl 3 then pick up the level up loot item to boost you immediately to lvl 4.
  4. If you still aren’t at lvl 10 for the boss battle take your time. The enemies spawn infinitely so you can chip away at her while focusing on killing her minions to get you to 10.

Not uh, not really. Cuz they can just leave it for a month or so, and include the fix in the next patch. The size of the patch doesn’t appear to matter nearly as much if at all as the frequency of patches

Lol. I’ve had this conversation before but forum rules and all. I will uh, be on the left.

“Iirc, atleast on the PS4, Sony removed the patching fee.”

Interesting. There is an unfortunate part to that though. Their various contracts stipulate equality between consoles. Xbone was never supposes to have quick match but they had to add it. This would certainly help though.

I wont go further into this either.

Indeed. I’m not sure if MS stil has fees, but if they don’t it could work for more regular updates. There’s stil the the period of testing and getting the patch greenit, but it certainely would help, while keeping things equal on all 3 platforms.

Huh. Thanks for the advice, certainely is welcome.

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You know its bad when everyone knows what you mean by ‘The Benedict thing’.

But if you badly overdid it, and need a patch to fix it, you might not want to wait that long!

Regardless of patching costs, my point is it’s still better to change no more than two things at a time, and to not make many drastic changes all at the same time.

As I remember it, they at least reduced the fees. But the hotfix mechanism allows certain fixes to bypass the normal patch route.

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This I agree with. Probably add it to the OP, quote and all. If you don’t mind.

No problem - go ahead. If anyone objects, tell them “Mr. Ray said it was OK!”

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When I first heard about this game I was ecstatic. I love BL2 and have been playing those 6 characters and the variations of them for a long time. When I heard this game had 25+, I thought that it would be a game I could play forever, constantly trying out different builds and what-not. There are 2 things that pretty much destroyed that idea for me.

  1. I remember hearing a dev talking about how much people like leveling and that this game would let you constantly level up. I had no idea how that would work, but apparently it works like this: Your level keeps resetting. I don’t think this dev understood just what it was about leveling up that people like. It isn’t just seeing the “You’ve Leveled!” thing on a screen, it’s that your character has gotten permanently stronger, or unlocked another skill, etc. It’s an interesting experiment making a campaign using MOBA rules, but I’ve decided it kind of sucks. I could’ve played this game an unhealthy amount if the characters had skill trees, permanent levels and the like. But before I even understood how the game would actually work, the one thing that almost got me to not purchase Battleborn was…

  2. Online only. This sucks. This really sucks, like, so much. Even when I thought I could play this game forever, when I found out this little tidbit it killed almost all the anticipation I had for it. Battleborn was going to be a day 1 purchase for me , but then it became a “wait till it goes on sale” purchase. And I still kind of regret it. Rubber-banding in a single player game? Server down for my single player game? Hiccup with internet causing all the rewards for the mission I just completed to go bye-bye in my single player game? And since the game isn’t as popular as people hoped, the possibility that the servers could go down sooner rather than later for my single player game? This is seriously maddening. It has taught me, though, that I will not be bothering with online only games anymore, (I obviously mean for single player or otherwise local games as MMO’s and the like are going to be online).

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