Some items dissapeared when play multiplayer

When I played the multiplayer game with my imported character, some of my item just disappeared.(ajax ogre, ajax spear) does somebody has a same problem with me?

I don’t know if the MP was the problem but my Golden Keys disappeared

Bumping this because me and my friend have been having this issue as well. We have lost both a “The Chopper” and “Ogre” gun joining each other. Anytime I join I lose the gun. I put the gun in Moxxi’s and joined and I didn’t lose it, but it downgraded it to level 1. Maybe it’s an error with Knoxx DLC weapons?

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There seems to be an issue with what parts the game considers “allowed” for specific items (such as the Bessie, for example). There have been other reports of items getting downgraded or outright disappearing from the import function as soon as they are equipped, both in single player and co-op.

I would recommend filing a support ticket and, if you can, providing info (such as the full card title) on the missing items.

@Jaschko: I would assume that the disappearing keys are a separate issue, since your key count in-game is stored in a separate file to your game saves. According to some of the posts I’ve seen, support are able to restore the missing keys to accounts.