Some Kelvin questions, helix choices and permafrost

Hey Kelvin people,

First off, and because numbers matter, I’m able to reach around 525 max shield for the walking iceberg, and up to around 67 shield regen on a single item ( 40 standard, +27 for 10 sec after killing a minion. Yummy ) as well as +7% skill damage flat and another +3.8% 10 sec after killing a minion.

I’m curious to what the best deal would be for his level 4 mutation ?

In pure theory, 30% chomp damage to shield would be better than 23% chomp damage to health, but I’m curious. I’m not sure how hard my Chomps usually hit ( those numbers tend to pop too high and I tend to be quite busy when they do … ), especially with Diffusion and the ever rising max health of Kelvin, so I’m not sure whether Shield Snacker could potentially, with Permafrost, give “too much” shield back.
Or is there is even such as thing as too much shield :wink:

What about the level 5 helix choices, or rather, how does Permafrost actually behave ?

I favor Diffusion over Strong Wind, and Blue Ice over Ice VI. I essentially do not boost the Permafrost bonus. Which brings me to another question actually : do we know if Permafrost lasts longer when it gives more shield ? Or rather, do we know if the Shield Degenerescence value is fixed, or does it also “grow” with those two Helix choices ? In short, does Blue Ice ( -30% damage taken as long as Permafrost is active ) last longer when paired with Strong Wind.
Not sure I’d ever take Strong Wind, but I just wonder if it couldn’t make Blue Ice even better by lasting even longer… Mostly for those games where things are definitely too hairy.

And finally,
Level 9 : Chomp CD reduction, or Chomp damage

For now I tend to go with CD reduction to be able to chomp more often, potentially get even more max health quicker, thus improving Diffusion.
However, how does that one works ? Does Sawtooth actually increased Chomp max damage to “xx + 30% of max health”, which seems unlikely to me, or does it give “500 + 15%”, so “575” max health bonus damage ? I didn’t notice yet if that 15% / 500 max increased when levelling, but only getting a 75 damage bonus feels a bit … weak to me.
I guess this Helix level boils down to “more burst” vs “more sustained damage”. How do you feel about this one ?

Typical helix build I’m using so far ( minus Iceheart I haven’t unlocked yet, but that one will probably be a no-brainer when I get it ).,0,-1,0,1,1,0,1,-1,-1,

What is your take on all this guys ?