Some logic thinking (not really)

I have to say this: these past battleplans are boring and uninteresting, i could care less about the BB tournaments or other community events since I don’t take part in them. I also don’t care about the lore because I rather interact with it (like a story level) and it’s because of J.K Rowling Messing up the Harry Potter lore I distrust writers (not all of them).

All I care about is: new features their adding, character changes, rumbles, and weekend events.

These past battleplans have been “hope-filled” about some upcoming update that we know nix about. They changed them to biweekly battleplans and the first is the same as the rest of them.

We’ve gotten only 3 new maps and that was back in the summer of 2016. I thought the winter update would add new maps and gamemode, but all we got was a DLC character and a pain-induced OP (my opinion).

the questions I have are:

When are we getting new maps?

When are we getting more story missions?

Are they gonna add more OPS?

are we getting more characters?

New gear?

When is supercharged getting release?

And the top dreaded question: is this game going to Free to Play?

I had this game since it came out, got it a day late cause amazon forgot about it, besides that, the only major change this game had was the winter update, next update will most likely be the the summer update and it better be good.


Sounds like they’ve got some tight as hell NDA that has them keeping their mouth shut. One of the devs said if he said it might jeprodize their job so this is the current state of affairs.

It’s going to be…something…apparently large scale…and they are strictly legally forced not to talk about it over fear of their jobs being on the line if they reveal too much.

So that’s the gist man.


Don’t forget, the WU screwed up Mellka for the next 2 months!

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I really hate how silent the devs have been. I bloody love BB, and in the beggining, Both me and my friend agree that it was better than OW. But since the lack of patches, more bugs than ever, and a Hopefull future, I think that the game has gotten worse. With no playerbase, and next to no info being shared about the update, I am begining to feel like GBX is going to abandon ship, and can’t speak about it.

But who knows, really.


+I want my golden pad back!

I paid my money for that… thing!

But in the end we (the golden pad owners) feel like this:



I’m just a sketchy writer, so don’t trust my word on this, but I have a theory about Supercharge - it’s probably been ready to go since the Winter Update, maybe earlier, but it’s a 3v3 mode so it requires its own queue. The playerbase is so low that splitting the queues again is impossible; basically, it will kill Quick Match while people flock to Supercharge, then everyone will go back to QM and Supercharge will be as dead as Capture used to be.

So I think we’ll see Supercharge if the playerbase increases, but not before, and that’s why the Battleplan didn’t even mention it (when you’d think a new game mode would be a great upcoming feature to namedrop.)


The end is near muahahahaha. I never cared about anything that has to do with pve in this game. All I want to hear is that

  1. The servers will still be online even when the devs decide to stop updates and

  2. A change to the broken cheesy mechanic that is to chain stun in pvp.




That’s probably frighteningly accurate (the Supercharge / Queue thing).

I had never thought about it in that light before!

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I’m going to be going way way way way way off the deep end here with this prediction, but I would like you to reference and closely look at the picture im attaching and then let me elaborate further


Two of the base objectives within this game mode appear to involve capturing and “escorting to a grinder.”

Given the fact that this mixes both the Capture and Meltdown mode… PLUS

The fact that GbX was awkwardly tinkering with Low Gravity / Big Head / Low TTK (etc) settings makes me predict two radical and probably massively off-base things :

  1. Potential “merging” of both capture and meltdown and even face off into one super mode. I can see them combining all of these random quick match modes together into one “perfect” ultimate mode as a sort of combination of 3 lesser half baked ideas into one well meshed thought out idea that blends all 3 which can genuinely compete with Incursion in popularity. Easier to merge three less popular game modes into one and then work to perfect that rather than continually tinknering with capture, ghetto new meltdown, and face off. To my knowledge, this mode is going to also have a “payload” feel to it as well. This would be related to, and additionally leave room for a new game mode style to emerge…which brings me to my Point 2

  2. Im pretty positive that those warfare rumbles weren’t just them being bored with animations/gravity/ttk. There was a secret motive to them. They want to channel and capture a base of ultra casual LOW TTK players that haven’t really engaged with BB before. Making some super easy brainless modes to get into with low TTK and all around laid back nature would help them peel off a large segment of the “other” base of this genre that enjoys low TTK and more of a just “spray and pray with heros and ults” playstyle.

These are two radical and probably way off base ideas but in my deranged mind I think they have a possibility.


I’m positive Supercharge is its own, separate mode, not a name for the merging of previous modes, because Supercharge is already in the career UI and is listed as a fifth game mode.


You are likely right! This is just me guessing.

If I can add, I feel like a major major massive overhaul to everything is coming so just going on prior UI breakdowns from ages ago when they had a different direction for the path of BB likely in mind might lead to some inaccurate assumptions as well

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Another thing to consider is that Supercharge was known about well before we got Meltdown: Finale (it was announced around the time Face-Off came out.) If the intention was to merge Meltdown and Capture to make Supercharge, I can’t see why they then went to the effort of revamping Meltdown.


You are right HOWEVER, I…don’t think they really… anticipated what a gigantic flop the new meltdown finale was going to be. As far as I’m concerned, that mode is radically in question of being purged, reverted, spliced, diced, and redone. I know you of all people would agree.

The question at this point isn’t if it will be “redone” (euphemism), but rather, how.


That reminds me how Grant and Jythri showed up in that topic to assure us we’d all love Meltdown: Finale once we got to play it - and that if we didn’t like it, they’d totally be open to negotiation to bring back the old format.

How long ago was that now?

But yeah. I agree with you that the game doesn’t need (can’t support) the modes it has. The problem as I see it, though, is that Supercharge is uniquely 3v3. In a sense, Meltdown/Capture/Face-Off have already been merged - into a single queue concept, Quick Match. And Incursion moves in and out of Quick Match as well. (Having not played for a while, I’m not sure if it’s presently in QM or not.)

If our choices end up being either Incursion (5v5) or Supercharge (3v3), then there’s not going to be an alternative to Incursion that plays at the 5v5 scale Battleborn is known for and designed around. I mean, 3v3 is going to be fun, but it poses all kinds of balance questions and will have its own kind of meta. There’s every chance Attikus, for example, is going to be godlike, as he won’t have to worry about focus fire; or, without a team to support, Reyna might be utterly awful.

It’s all a mess no matter how it works out, I think. The game just needs more players.


I hear you about the 3v3 and THEN incursion.

My guess is that they’re going to then open up some super arcadey super casual 5 v 5 “funsies” pvp mode to entice the paladin, ow, cod (yes i went there) crowd.

Gigantic heads, low ttk - that type of… stuff. With baddass heros and ults and BB characters. Before you laugh at me, know there is a depressingly massive potential user base that would be interested in this type of thing and that this (to-date-untapped) user base also enjoys buying taunts, skins, loot, and single player operations


This is a horrifying thought for many and may result in constant Incursion voting, but what about a “Classic” queue that would always have one randomly selected map from each current mode (Incursion, Meltdown, FaceOff, Capture) and then a brand new Supercharge queue with the (presumably) 3 Supercharge maps and a “No Preference” vote?

@edensophia @jaden374


It is no longer financially viable to keep spending money on a game that is fast losing players. If it had obtained a 10x player base from the start then more DLC would definitely have come along. I know it sucks but now to do any more major work on Battleborn would be spending good money after bad. It would cost more to produce new material than the income it would generate. I guess maintenance, tweaks, nerfs & patches are probably all that is left in Battleborn coffers to spend. Also I am sure Gearbox would have loved to have produced more DLC for TPS (they could have done this or even outsourced it) however they decided to sink all their investment funds into Battleborn. Now that this new project did not turn out as well as hoped they have to turn their attention fully to the one thing that will deliver a boat load of money through their doors and that is BL3.

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TPS got only one good DLC before they shut it down (I don’t consider the two characters and arena as worthy of a season pass). They could have done a season pass 2 and if they didn’t have Battleborn in the works already (and taking longer and becoming more expensive than they surely planned) I am sure they would have made more DLC for TPS. So Battleborn is in the position TPS was to do anything for BB it would affect the delivery time of BL3 and since one is a cash cow and the other is basically a sunk cost I am sure we have seen the end already of Battleborn. The last gamers have just not realised this is all there is going to be.


@EdenSophia You do realise that every single change has had the devs response “If its that bad we’ll Revert it…” but they never do. Its why I don’t really trust them all the time, and why their BP’s of ‘hope’ are always… off.

I mean, look at the mellka Nerf. They said that could be reverted. You tell me how that went.


Where’d that pic come from? I wasn’t on the latest Discord AMA so if that happened last night and this is where the pic came from, I missed it.

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